Drew Blickensderfer says Stewart-Haas Racing is the team to beat after the first five races

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Drew Blickensderfer makes the argument that after the first five races the team to beat moving forward is Stewart-Haas Racing.

- I'm going to show you some numbers that will make you and your teammates very confident. Best Out West, this is by organization. So at the top, we look at Furniture Row. They have one driver. That's Martin Truex Jr. The averages are good because he was outstanding at all three racetracks-- Las Vegas, ISM, and obviously Sunday at Fontana. Team Penske, though, getting the job done. Blaney, Logano, and Brad delivered quite nicely out West.

Joe Gibbs Racing was strong. And when you look at Stewart-Haas, their numbers a little misleading because Kevin Harvick, of course, had the issues early with Carson Larson finished 35th, which threw their averages way off. Drew, three races out West. Who impressed you most?

- I think Stewart-Haas Racing. I think as a group, I think Kevin winning the two races, Kevin was extremely fast in practice at California. It's a place where he's done good. I did some quick math when I saw that stat earlier. And I think if Kevin runs fifth or sixth, not even with the stage points, he is better than a 10th place average for Stewart-Haas Racing.

And we all think he probably would have ran fifth or six in that range, if not better. So I think Stewart-Haas Racing, the Gibbs guys are fast, obviously Furniture Row is fast. But as a group, Stewart-Haas, I think, surprised everybody the last three weeks.

- Brad, post-race, this past weekend, you said you felt like fifth to 10th was where you guys were running during the race. Is that-- I guess this is kind of the same question, but is that because Kevin and 18 are so good in the 78 or is that because the speed that you guys are missing?

- Well, I think we're just missing a little bit speed to run with those guys. So like I said, we're kind of max trim. And that's all we had. I think we're going to go to Martinsville this weekend. And I think we're going to be one of the cars to beat.

So I'm pretty excited about that. But that mile and a half, two mile range track, you know, has not been our strongest suit right now. And hopefully we can find a little bit more.