Radioactive: ISM Raceway — ‘You’re worthless to me right now’

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Check out all the best scanner audio from the Ticket Guardian 500 at ISM Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona.

- Sunshine and good vibes as NASCAR goes west.

CHASE ELLIOT: You got me there, bud?

ALAN GUSTAFSON: Yeah, 10-4. Sounds good.

GREG IVES: Hey guys, let's go out there and have a fun day.

TJ MAJORS: Fire it up when you're ready.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Have a good one down there, big guy.

EARL BARBAN: Alright man, pace car is off. Going on the flag, be ready.

- We're going to [INAUDIBLE].

DEREK KNEELAND: Settle in with him here, don't lose too much time back to the 11.

BRETT GRIFFIN: Take my shirt off today.

CLINT BOWYER: I probably wouldn't do that.

JOEY LOGANO: Out of control, awful.

RYAN BLANEY: Can't get in the damn corner, can't turn.

MARTIN TRUEX JR: We just ain't got it right now, I don't know what happened.

CLINT BOWYER: Can I wreck this rock?

BRETT GRIFFIN: I'd have knocked that [BLEEP] out of the way down here, slow as he was, damn.

MARTIN TRUEX JR: 17 is trying to get cute, throwing out a water bottle.

COLEMAN PRESSLEY: Coming inside of you, 88.

DREW BLICKENSDERFER: He moves over for the 88.


FREDDIE KRAFT: He'll mirror-drive you all day if you let him. Don't waste no time.


DARRELL WALLACE JR: Just made that [BLEEP] up. It'll drop next week.

DREW BLICKENSDERFER: You lost 2/10 trying to sneak down the front stretch so, let's not do that the rest of the day.

DARRELL WALLACE JR: All right, I'll just be an ass then, whatever.

DARRELL WALLACE JR: Bet you it'll be clear as day on radio sweetheart.

MIKE WHEELER: Just keep them in sight. About fifty green here.

KYLE LARSON: My back tires just shake so much.

- Oh, issues with the 42, Larson.

KYLE LARSON: Can't keep it from shaking, can't do anything about it. [BLEEP]

CHAD KNAUS: All right man, if they all pit ahead of you, stay out.

ADAM STEVENS: We're ready for you, stop short again.


KYLE BUSCH: Just tell him I wasn't trying to be a [BLEEP], it's just the people in the stands, they got nothing better to watch.

TIM FEDEWA: 18 said he's just trying to have a little fun racing with you.

KEVIN HARVICK: It's all good, I got it.

ERIK JONES: We're just not [BLEEP] helping, man. It's the same thing.

DANIEL SUAREZ: Just tell the 38 to get out of the [BLEEP] way.

JOSH WILLIAMS: One outside 3, just the 22 now. Still there, corner.

AUSTIN DILLON: I'm going to wreck the 22 if he drives like that much more.

RYAN BLANEY: Pack it up in there, Austin [BLEEP] [BLEEP].

AUSTIN DILLON: Well, no I did not hit him that time, he just got loose, I was up under his ass, but I did not touch him.

JAMIE MCMURRAY: Fix your radio, your worthless to me right now.

TYLER GREEN: Still sound like [BLEEP].

JAMIE MCMURRAY: Don't talk to me Tyler, just don't talk because it's disturbing.


RODNEY CHILDERS: Yeah, we're going to have to do what we got to do here, and 18 is coming.

CHASE ELLIOT: Just a little freer this run. It's hard, finishing the power, but it's trying.

KYLE BUSCH: I got nothing left, [BLEEP] smoked.

TIM FEDEWA: All you got smooth and straight, back in your rhythm.

- Just three weeks of dominance.

- Just count on cruise control bringing her to the house.


- Kevin Harvick is the winner for the 9th time, here at Phoenix.

RODNEY CHILDERS: Awesome job, man. Awesome job, guys.

KEVIN HARVICK: Wooooo! How about that boys? That's how you rebound and just show them how it is.

RODNEY CHILDERS: History making right there. You're the man.

- This was a stake that went--

KEVIN HARVICK: [INAUDIBLE] because this team does a great job, and we've got fast race cars. And to take that away from those guys just really pissed me off last week, and everybody was just determined, and we just wanted to just go stop them.