Who are the greatest drivers to never win the Daytona 500?

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The 'NASCAR Race Hub' crew break down who the best drivers in NASCAR history are that never scored a victory in the Daytona 500.

- What about those drivers, big name Hall of Famers, that never got to hoist the Harley J. Earl trophy. There are some big names on that list.

- And probably the most disappointed on that list is Mark Martin.

- Yeah.

- I mean, he came within a foot of winning the Daytona 500, got passed off, turned forward coming to the checker. But you got to talk about all the guys that are on that list. Rusty Wallace certainly had a fast enough car several times during the history of this event to go to victory lane.

- Tony Stewart.

- Ricky Rudd. Ricky Rudd never won.

- Ricky Rudd never won at Daytona 500.

- He always ran good at Daytona.

- But Tony Stewart stands out to me because he led or he won races there Daytona. It almost reminded me of Dale Earnhardt.

- He's second on that list. He's won there 19 times but never in the 500.

- Exactly. He ran so well there but just never could complete in the 500.

- Doesn't that just tell you how difficult it is to win the Daytona 500? 19 victories in Daytona and not one of them is the 500? That's amazing.

- Always say that until I realized Richard Petty won it seven times. I say I don't know.

- Must not be that difficult.

- How hard can it be?

- Is it a sensitive subject with the drivers who have not won the Daytona 500? Is it something that when the conversation is brought up about this race that maybe you can sense that they kind of feel it a little bit in conversations.

- And I can comment on that, too because you mentioned Donnie Allison and he bristles up right away.

- Really?

- It's, you know, that's his nature. You know, he was so competitive and had such a good shot at it more than once. And some crazy thing took him out.

- I think, you know, how you race at Daytona has changed over the years. I think there were times when you'd get a Pontiac LeMans go down there and just be able to have the fastest car or better handling car.

When I first came to Daytona, handling really meant a lot. So, you how, you set the car up and the things that you did. And then it evolved to these packs of cars and how the draft has changed.

And I think that some drivers who haven't won it say, oh you know, it's just, it's just luck. You just got to be lucky to win there. But I think that there is still a lot of skill involved. There is some luck involved. But I think also when you win it, you realize how special it is. And if you win it more than once, you get to experience that and each time you experience it you realize this is the greatest race that I'll ever win.

- You know I think, there's a void. I think if you had a trophy case, I think if you haven't won it, you'd leave a space open for the Daytona 500 trophy. Because all great drivers expect to win that race. All great drivers are expected to win that race. And so when you haven't, I believe you do just-- there's a place in my trophy case. I'm going to put that Daytona 500 trophy one of these days.