Kyle Busch confident about Miami despite a ‘trying’ season

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Kyle Busch checks in with 'NASCAR Race Hub' to talk about battling for a second Cup championship.

- Kyle Busch joins us now from Miami. Welcome into the show, Kyle. If you look back at the last two weeks for you, I know you've admitted that it didn't go exactly the way that you had hoped. But I'm wondering in terms of your season-- if you look at it from start to finish-- how has the season prepared you to not only rebound from maybe a bad race, but be even better than you were before?

- Yeah, I mean I think earlier today I was actually asked, you know, if you could sum up your season in one word, what would you say? And I was like, trying. It's just-- it's been a trying season for us. You know, early on in the year, it was a trying year. We were fast in a lot of places. We had good speed.

Arguably we've been the second fastest to the 78 for most of the season. And we just weren't getting those wins. We weren't getting those victories. First one coming at Pocono in July. So certainly it's been a trying year. And coming to some of these races in the playoffs as well too, we've had pit road issues or loose wheels or speeding on Pit Row. Whatever it's been that's kind of knocked us back and hasn't allowed us to go heads up and race a 78, you know, for a race victory.

They've kind of inherited the lead from us a couple of times and just kind of taken over and been able to win. But from that, we look at the last two weeks kind of the same way. They were trying weeks. You know, we just weren't able to execute as well as we wanted to. We had two flat tires while running under yellow at Texas.

And then at Phoenix, we weren't as good as we wanted to be. We kind of missed the set up a little bit. We feel like we understand why or what we did in that regard. But the fact of the matter is, we were just slow on Sunday. And so now we come into one of the races that means the most for the entire season. And we've got to go out there and try to get it done with two off weeks. So hopefully we can make it happen.

- Kyle, you know as well as anybody, it takes every element of that race team to win this championship. You guys made a pit crew change prior to the playoffs. It got off to a little rocky start. But I've watched that group over the last few weeks. They gain you spots every time you come to Pit Road. Do you feel like you at least hold the upper hand when you come to Pit Road versus these other three?

- I feel as though I definitely have an upper hand. I feel as though the pit crew guys have done an amazing job. They've really come into unison as a team, with our team. I know that they were a core group before with the 19. It's really been fun to be a part of them.

We went out to dinner a few times, and we've had the whole team, the A and B team together, and being able to work together and grow together. So that's why we did that move when we made that move. It gave us an opportunity to kind of build up. You weren't just going to push those guys and put them in in a pressure-packed situation at Homestead, and say, OK, we're going to go race for a championship, boys.

So they've kind of worked their way into it. They've worked their way for it. And obviously, we feel as though we got the best group when I come down and get in that pit stall.

- Kyle, great answers for the questions from Larry and Shannon. So I know you like them. And I hope you like me, because earlier today we found out you just don't like everybody. So with that, here goes my question. What is the range of emotion on championship weekend? You've been there the last couple of years.

- I think your range of emotions needs to be small. You know, you don't need a whole lot of emotions going through championship weekend. I think having a calm demeanor and a peaceful demeanor, I think, are the two probably top priorities. And being able to go through that whole entire week, no matter what comes at you, what's thrown at you, and stuff like that. Not getting to bent out of shape, to upset and kind of upset in apple court.

There's obviously a lot of focus that we've had all season long. There's a lot of focus that Adam Stephens has this week. Our pit crew has this week. Our A team, our B team, myself. All of us. And so you've got to have everything go your way.

And like Larry said, there's a lot of facets to this sport that will make you successful on Sunday. And that's having a fast race car, being able to execute, having good pit stops, having good restarts, making sure that the motors are strong, and your car will last for a long time with tires and not being able to fall off in the long run.

So having all of those things kind of happening to you, you just got to take it as it comes to you and execute.

- To confirm, I am on the good list, right?

- Yeah, you're on the good list. You started out on the bad list, but you're on the good list.

- OK, that's good. Hey, all the best on Sunday. And thanks for being with us, Kyle.

- No problem. Thank you, guys.