Walk 1000 feet with Scott Palmer, and his dogs | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Get to know Top Fuel driver Scott Palmer as he walks 1000 feet with Amanda Busick.


- Well, this is a first, leaving the starting line with Scott Palmer and friends. Who's with us, Scott?

- This is Maverick and Macy right here. These are my-- these are my dogs, you know? These are what make me happy right here.

REPORTER: Well, Scott, you made your Top Fuel debut in 2002. What were your hopes at that moment?

SCOTT PALMER: You know, it's just a dream you have. And we took the chance. We had no business with the Top Fuel car at the time. But luckily we did it, and we stuck it out.

REPORTER: Where did the dream begin for you?

- Really, when I was a kid. You know, we had dirt bikes. I thought I was Evel Knievel when I was young. So--

- You have an alliance with Steve Torrence. How does he help you?

- They help our team. They don't just give us advice. They physically help our team. We're part of a family.

- Now, you're the owner of a really fast boat. What is that?

- Myself, and Tommy Thompson, and Kent Long, we have a Top Fuel hydro, which is crazy.

- Three races left in the regular season. You're in kind of a points critical situation. Does it put pressure on you?

SCOTT PALMER: I think we'll be OK, because we got-- we got Jason McCulloch now, the Capco boys. We've got a great team.

REPORTER: What's something that's on your bucket list?

SCOTT PALMER: I've got a Top Fuel Pro Mod that we put together a few years ago, and I've got this crazy idea that I'm going to go 300 miles an hour in a door car.

- All right, Scott. We've approached the finish line. What would your victory dance be?

- Our victory dance happens back in the pits.





- And that is your walk 1,000 feet with Scott Palmer.