Jason Anderson captures his second straight win as Ken Roczen suffers another arm injury

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Jason Anderson passed Cole Seely to go back-to-back, but the real story will be how much damage was done to Ken Roczen's right arm after a run-in with Cooper Webb.

ANNOUNCER: Here we go. Drop the gate San Diego. Seely, looking for another hole shot, one rider down, taking out a half a dozen or so in the middle of the pack. Reed with a great start on the 22. He's in third, right behind Marvin Musquin, and [INAUDIBLE] is in four, three, going for second.

ANNOUNCER: See if he can get the-- no, he has to double single. It's going to cost him a couple of positions, maybe. Anderson, cost him a lot.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, boy, the points leader with another rip and start as he comes right past Musquin.

ANNOUNCER: Tomac has left the racetrack, ridden up the tunnel, calling it a night. Let's see what happened at the start. Watch for the number three.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, he's right in the middle of the pack, got a pretty good start. He gets stood up there as him and Roczen both go. Roczen goes down, Tomac goes down. I belief that's Pike down also.

ANNOUNCER: Malcolm Stewart was in there. Boy, Anderson got lucky.


ANNOUNCER: Oh, man, Ken Roczen, look at the jersey just shredded, and the Alpine Star medical team talking to him, trying to help him.

ANNOUNCER: Uh-oh, here's Roczen. Webb, Webb comes in, gives him a little bit of blue paint right there. And Roczen, he just nails the throttle on the Honda. He's going to return the favor, but it does not go. Look, it's almost like he slides in there that then just lets the bike go. And watch, his arm goes all the way between the swing arm and the rear tire, the rim and the spokes. Oh, wow.

ANNOUNCER: And Jeff's anger might have cost him the championship. Lead battle. Anderson is closed up again.

ANNOUNCER: Well, and Anderson tripled down that turn. And look how much. He just closed right up on it. Here we go, finish line turn, wide open.

ANNOUNCER: Here he comes inside. [INAUDIBLE] I've seen that too many times with the 21 making a move on him like that.

ANNOUNCER: And Anderson just pulls a tear off. Now he's going to try to gap Seely. Seely's going to try to go to the inside. Seely has got to respond right now. He's got to be tough here.

ANNOUNCER: He's got to push himself into an uncomfortable position here. Anderson is riding at another level of speed this year.

ANNOUNCER: Speed confidence.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, and if Seely wants this victory, he's going to have to stretch himself.

ANNOUNCER: Boy, he really has found some magic here this year. Everything is starting to come together. It's on this new rock star edition, FC 450 Husquvarna. It's a whole new bike. This is a totally different Husquvarna than what Chad Reed is riding, brand new machine. And Bobby Hewitt and everyone there on the Rockstar Energy Husquvarna team are doing a great job this year. Got that red plate. Going to extend the points lead by a bunch.

ANNOUNCER: Anderson did go back to back with wins in the 250 class on his way to the championship in 2014. It's back to back wins in 2018. For Jason Anderson as he lights the candles in San Diego.

INTERVIEWER: Jason, what is it that you have done that is enabled you to become a rider we can rely on every weekend to contend for these race wins?

JASON ANDERSON: I've just been putting myself in good positions, and I've just been fighting. I feel like that race was pretty tough because I followed Cole, got around him, even if he made a few mistakes. And then Marv was come. So I really had to keep my head down. But man, I'm excited to keep getting these wins and podiums. I'm just grateful for the opportunities. And couldn't do it with a whole crew behind me, Rockstar Energy, Husquvarna, Alpinestar, Paradise Chevrolet, Dragon Goggles, Aero Helmets. There's a whole crew, and I'm just excited.