Bret Holmes ends up on his side after vicious wreck in Daytona I 2018 ARCA RACING SERIES

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Bret Holmes goes for a wild ride on the final lap of the race after getting turned into traffic and setting off a vicious multi-car wreck.

- Here comes Corrigan and that blue 43 on the top side with a good push from Purdy. And they're wrecking! Homes is going around and upside down. Smith around. A big win here in Daytona, but keep in mind this is not the finish of this race. We will see a one lap shootout to determine this one. So another restart coming and that Holmes on his side. Thompson also comes to a stop and multiple cars involved here on the final lap at Daytona.

Look at the 23 on the bottom side of Holmes.

- We've got the 18 pushing the 32. And the 32 is trying to try and help the 23, but it catches him in the right rear corner and then turns them sideways. And I think he launched off the front of the 66 of Mark Thompson.

- If it wouldn't have been for that incident the outside line definitely would have had a shot at the win.

- And I think you guys might be right, Deshaun Core is being shown on our scoring monitor in second. And he's lined up second under this red flag.

- So, you look at the momentum the outside lane had before that.

- I'm not sure though.

- Remember it's not instantaneous. It's not, you know the caution flags going to come out as soon as they can because they know that damage is severe enough that we need a caution flag. As you see Brett Holmes sliding down driver's side.

- That's going to be close because Core definitely had the momentum and it was on his way. From that angle it looks like he is ahead of it.

- Yeah it sure does.

- And that Purdy is up there. And Zane Smith almost was ahead of it and he got hit on the rear quarter.

- Dave Mater the third made hard contact with Zane Smith. Dave Mater was doing nice. We haven't talked a whole lot about him. He's a he's a former winner here in the series, back what? '91?

- Correct. He won a race in Michigan. He was a snowball Derby winner in 1978.

- On-board.

- He was trying to pedal the throttle to try to get out from that situation.

- Riley Hurt just had a few close calls tonight.

- Both those cars in front of him involved in the incident. Lets see how Riley gets through here. Looks like he takes a ride through the grass.

- He dodged two of them. Didn't spend too much time on the grass though.

- Did a great job. This is going to be great view right here. Look at everybody going down to the grass. That's Thomas Prader, that yellow and black car that went through the grass a little bit. Then we saw Riley Hurt go through the grass.