Ford & Lamborghini take GTLM & GTD class wins at the 2018 Rolex 24 at Daytona

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WeatherTech SportsCar Championship: Watch the No. 67 Ford GT take the GTLM class win as the No. 11 Lamborghini wins in GTD.

ANNOUNCER: And can Briscoe hang on? One, two for Ford has been that way pretty much all day long, Tommy. What a dominant performance. Did expect to see that here this weekend.

ANNOUNCER: And we did, and actually it was the 66 that lead most of the time to be honest until the morning.

ANNOUNCER: But go back to the texts that we got yesterday from Dan Binks, who did he say to keep their eye on?

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, he IDed the speed difference in the first hour.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, and I think you made a very good point. It's impressive enough to have one car have this kind of run, but to have both of them-- absolute perfection-- and within just a few seconds of each other, that's remarkable.

ANNOUNCER: Ford, last year it was the 66th that took the victory here. Ryan Briscoe looking to claim his second class win here in the Rolex 24. And he will do such for Richard Westbrook, for Ford. They will celebrate the victory. And for Richard Westbrook it will be his first Rolex 24 win. And Ryan Briscoe and Ford come across the line first in GT Le Mans at the Rolex 24.

ANNOUNCER: And for Chip Ganassi, a 200th win for the team as whole.

ANNOUNCER: Absolutely. Absolutely in the first win for a Grand Marshall here.

ANNOUNCER: There you go. Lamborghini looking for a first at the Rolex 24, their first overall 24 hour-- or first class victory in a 24 hour race. If they can hold on and make it to the line, they won't have to go much further. And they do. Lamborghini celebrates victory at Daytona. Mirko Bortolotti after the disappointment of qualifying will celebrate with a Rolex watch.

- And Ryan Briscoe all by himself climbs out of the car. Ryan, your second Rolex win overall here-- or in the GTLM class. What's it like, though, with a team like this? You guys are so dominant, but you're the closer. So all the pressure comes down to you.

- You know what, it's a bit of pressure. You know it was a close fight all-- and that last driver change, you're in a very heated battle with our teammates. We needed a driver change of about 20 seconds or less and we got it done. The guys just did a flawless job. Good job, man, thanks. I don't know. I'm just blown away, the race was perfect. I mean, it's rare that you can have a perfect race. And I think we had one little bubble at the end of the very first stint of the race and from there on, you know, it was just head down and go and really fast pace with our teammates all race long. [EXHALES SHARPLY] Thank you, Chip. Thanks, Ford. Thanks everyone for the opportunity. Super proud.

- It's quite clear. If it's not a picture, it's quite clear. I mean, it's a big day. It's-- you know, I'm speechless. It's a big day. It's a big win. One of those races everybody wants to win. We came from last position to win this race. Yeah, just super proud, super happy. We did a massive job, the whole team , Lamborghini. First 24 hour race win for us. So I hope there are some more coming, but for now I'm really, really happy and enjoying this one. It's-- yeah, I'm super, super happy. I want to say, again, thanks to everyone, also to the fans, coming down here, supporting us this weekend. It's just such a beautiful atmosphere here in Daytona and take the win here-- again, starting from the back of the field, it's just unreal.