Steve Torrence calls out NHRA points system after losing title to Brittany Force | 2017 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Steve Torrence has some choice words about the NHRA points system after dominaintg much of the season but ultimately losing the title to Brittany Force.

[DRAGSTERS RUMBLING] REPORTER 1: Steve Torrence is at the top end watching. The 54th Season Top Fuel has had a clash champion. Will it be decided right here? Yes, it will.


REPORTER 1: The 29th Champion in the history of NHL ranked Mello Yello Top Fuel racing is Brittany Force.

REPORTER 2: Steve, I understand that probably had to be the toughest thing you could watch. Where are you at right now?

STEVE TORRENCE: I mean, it is what it is, you know. I mean, this whole NHRA deal with the welfares point system is just a crock of crap. I mean, you come out here and you race for 24 races and you only get to count six, and Brittany got hot in the last few races and did good. I mean, you can't take that away from them, but those guys wouldn't even be in contention if it wasn't for this bull(BEEP) point system they got.

So, I mean, it is what it is. We've got to play by the rules, but it really doesn't-- it doesn't go to show how much of all those guys over there are champions on this race team. I dropped the ball, was late on the tree but, you know, you've got to race a guy like Antron and I just-- I just messed up. But congrats to Brittany, great job, she won the Championship, you know. It is what it is but it's still (BEEP).

REPORTER 3: Raw emotion from Steve Torrence. But let's face it, that kind of thing happens in all form of sports. Stick and ball, everything.

REPORTER 1: Well, you can feel for Steve Torrence, the emotion that he's feeling right now, having a guy who had an all career year and it was certainly in a position to win a championship.

Let's face it, the countdown's created a lot of drama, a lot of excitement for all the fans, for us up here in the booth. And, you know what, for Steve, obviously didn't play out to his way but, you know, he had the opportunity, came in as the guy who was leading but just wasn't able to seal the deal here today.