Justin Turner lists all the ways Dodgers hero David Freese makes the team better

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Nothing but love for the big-time clutch hitter.

- Justin Turner. Justin Turner, this team finished 25 and 10. And now you're on to the NLCS. Is this the best the Dodgers have played this season?

- Yeah. We're playing great baseball right now. Starts with the starting pitching, they've been great for us all season long. They were great for us in this series. And they went out, pounded the zone, and gave us a chance in all these games.

And, you know, offensive couple of big swings today. David Freese coming through in the clutch, something he's done his whole career. And Manny with the big 3-run homer.

- I know you've talked a lot about the depth, how many guys it does take to win here. The job that David Freese has done for you-- not just today, but since he was acquired-- how big has that been to this team?

- Yeah. He's been huge, you know? He comes over here in a role and embraces it. And loves all our guys, and talks to them all the time and keeps them going. Keeps their head on right, and just comes up a big hit after big hit.

- Back to the NLCS.

- Back to the NLCS, let's go.

- We'll see you there. Thanks Justin.

- All right. Absolutely.