‘I thought my season was over’: Kenley Jansen opens up on overcoming a heart problem to help lead the Dodgers to the NLCS

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It's been an incredible journey for Jansen. Now, he and the Los Angeles Dodgers are headed back to the NLCS.

- Kenley, we all know you had the heart issue this year to deal with. Was there a point where you were concerned you might not be able to close a series this season?

- You know, when I had that problem in Colorado I thought my season was over, to be honest with you. And great job by [INAUDIBLE]. You know, like-- he knows me. You know, he did the surgery, and he put me on some good medicine. And I was back in 11 days, so it was great.

- How difficult has it been for you, knowing that you might need another surgery? And just pitching through all of this?

- It was hard. I mean, my mind was off for a minute. When I came back after those 11 days, I had two personalities I feel like. One is like, trying to help the team win. And the other one is like, you know, it's my life.

You know, you have kids, you have family. And you want to get your surgery done sooner than later. You don't want to keep being on medication, and all that stuff. So I battled through that-- through that point, and I'm back to myself now.

- Third straight trip to the NLCS. What is it about this team that's different?

- Just got to stay hungry. I mean, you know, we remember that big disappointment at the end of the year last year. And we want to get back there again. So you know, that's the focus, and the hunger you see that this team has.

And, you know, they played every single out. And this year it wasn't easy for us. I mean, we're talking about having the worst record, probably at some point in April. And you know, we turn our season around. And here we are going to the NLCS third year in a row.

- Kenley, congratulations. Thank you.