Watch the Atlanta Braves’ manager get choked up after clinching the NL East: ‘I’m a Brave’

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It was an emotional moment for Snitker and the Braves.

- Brian.

- Wow.

- Brian, you always take a one game at a time approach. Drive into the park this morning, what was going through your mind?

- Well actually, I stayed here last night. Didn't have to do that! But you know what, there's a lot of, you know, gratification, a lot of proudness. Everything we've accomplished-- you know what, this is the icing for the first part of this journey. But you can't take away anything that these guys have done.

- You've said many times how much you love this team, the players, the camaraderie, the whole thing. What is it about this group?

- Well, I say they've got the it. I don't know what that is, but when a team has it, it's pretty cool. Can't manufacture it. You can't go out and put it together to create it. But when you're on a club that has that it factor, it's something. It's like you don't ever want the year to end.

- You've been in this organization more than 40 years. You've seen the glory days. You've seen some hard days. What is it like for you just going back to the postseason as the manager of this team?

- Well, I'm very proud. You know, I mean, I'm a Brave. And this is, uh-- it's really special. Really special.

- Brian, thank you.