Alex Rodriguez demonstrates how Luis Severino has improved his pitching mechanics

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Alex Rodriguez breaks down how Luis Severino adjusted his pitching mechanics in the last few years.

- Alex, it feels like he's gone to another level already. And I know he had some help from a very interesting choice in the offseason, didn't he?

- Yeah, this 24-year-old Dominican. He looked up to Pedro Martinez. He seeked them out for help, and Pedro said two things, very simple. One is simplify your mechanics. And number two, work on your deception. And we're going to show you right here in the film, where in 2015 his hands went away from his buckle and he showed a lot of exposure.

And this created a really long windmill to get the ball, you see a hanging slider there, home run Bautista. Right here, you see a much tighter, this is post Pedro Martinez instruction, much tighter, much better, and obviously a much better result. You'll see it here by side by side.

On the right, on the left, you see a much, much wider with a glove, extended. And here, you see a much tighter and never leaves his belt buckle. And it's nice and hidden, very tight. And a much different result here on the right.

- All right, so I could see the difference. But what does that mean. Can you take us through exactly what it looks like, and what that means for him?

- So basically, what he was doing before is he was right here, and he was just showing a lot of white to the ball, getting very slow to the plate. What he's doing right now, is Pedro said, why don't you work on the deception, and then means hide it nice and tight, and you never see it until you see it at the end. And those mechanics is why he may be the Cy Young this year.

- So as a hitter you, give me an idea, OK. So you're saying you're seeing the ball. I'm seeing it for a split second. Can you really see pitches in that time, what he's going to throw?

- Yeah. Frank can vouch here. So folks at home, if you're the hitter, this what you're seeing in 2015 with Severino. Which is right here, he shows it to you. Now if you see a lot of white, that's a fastball right there. If you see this, this is a different look. That's the changeup. As a hitter, you're able to see this.

What Pedro did, he said you don't get any free looks. You don't see this. You don't see it. And now you see it, and it's too late. And that's a difference of going from good to great.

- That's a tremendous pick up, Alex. Because I'm telling you as a hitter, with that type of deception with a guy throwing 100 miles an hour, with a slider like his at 90, watch out. It could be a long year, and you're right, he could win the Cy Young this year.

- Even just that little split second of the ball, that's enough for you.

- Yes. I mean he's got an extra three feet, behind the ball with a 100 mile per hour fastball. Amazing.

- Other thing. So you get to work with Pedro Martinez, who is one of the greatest, one of the smartest of all time. Didn't you also say that Pedro gave him a little mirror exercise too.

- Yeah, that's exactly right. So Luis Severino, in Dominican Republic, gets a mirror right next to his bed at home. And every night, instead of trying to break this habit, extended, he literally went, with the instruction of Pedro Martinez, and looked at himself every night and did this.

And from the side, it's just like this. He wanted to hide it right here in his back pocket. This is where he was, and this is where he is. You don't see anything. And if you're a hitter at home, boy, it is much tougher when you don't see the ball.

- You know, you're employed by the Yankees now. Are they upset that Pedro Martinez? It's like, Boston should be upset at Pedro Martinez helping out, right?

- Well, I think they're both Dominican, and the fact that Pedro helped so many people. But to Luis Severino's credit, he took that instruction, ran with it, and he may run all the way to a championship and a Cy Young, Kevin.

- We could do a whole postseason without Alex and Big Papi sitting next to each other.

- Hal Steinbrenner, give this man a raise.

- Exactly, exactly.

- Pedro helping out the Yankees, watch out!

- Oh man, that is good stuff. All right, great job Alex. I love that. Learned something today.