‘It’s going to be a heck of a Game 7’: FOX MLB talks Justin Verlander and the return of Houston’s offense

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Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Keith Hernandez and Frank Thomas join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Houston's offensive outburst in Game 6 and what it means for Game 7.

- So the Astros force a game 7, 7 to 1, with a big win. And obviously, Verlander was the story, as you guys all predicted. He was simply phenomenal. We'll get to him and we'll hear from him in just a moment. But I got to tell you, we're sitting here watching this game. In the eighth inning, keep in mind, even though Houston was winning, they only had three hits until that point.

So again, the offense was pretty quiet. It feels in a way, Alex, like the someone kind of poked the sleeping bear there, because they woke up with the big guns all coming through there.

- It was a terrible, terrible inning for the Yankees and a double win for the Astros. And Papi, what I mean by that, they woke up their best two players in Altuve and Correa. And that's, that's not good.

- No.

- And the thing is, David Robertson. I'm sorry, David Robertson gets in there and he gets hit really hard. And the wonder is for the Yankees, would there be a negative residual for tomorrow's game 7?

- It's crazy. But put it this way. We emphasize so much about playing at home for these Houston Astros. They were talking about how loud the Bronx got last night. Everybody was basically talking about it. The manager, the players, this and that. How about Houston?

- It was rockin', man.

- That place was rocking. That place was going crazy. And that's the benefit that you get as you come home and play in front of you crowd.

- I couldn't agree more. It's very similar to game 5, I'm sorry, game 4. The Yankees got the four runs, were down. Ironically, four runs in that eighth inning. Now Houston busts open with four run, five hit eighth inning. Their big guys get the hit. Altuve comes to life. Correa comes to life. It's a brand new ball game. You don't know if it has carry-over, but it makes for a very exciting game 7.

- Sure does.

- I think it'll be an exciting game 7 regardless. You know, this game's a wash. We all felt tonight that they would, Houston would find a way to win at home with Justin Verlander. But tomorrow, their pitching's a little compromised. They really don't know who's going to start and the bullpen could be a little wile. So it's going to be a heck of a game 7.

- And Frank, you know, the folks at home, they're always hearing home and away. I mean, what it means is, you sleep in your own bed, you have home cooking, you go to the video room, you go to the batting cage. All of us four, Kevin, we are a creature of habit. And we are seeing in this series, people love sleeping at home.

- Yeah, but Keith says there's a couple great hotels downtown by the Houston ballpark.

- What happened? Didn't work for the Yanks, Keith. Unbelievable.

- Altuve, you know, he struggled mightily in the Bronx, but he's too good to struggle for long. He came through, had the biggest hit of the night. And then, of course, he added a double in the eighth inning. He is standing by now in Houston with Tom Verducci.