Mike Yeo: ‘This is not winning hockey that we’re playing right now’

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Mike Yeo on the issues that have led to the Blues' 0-1-1 start: "It's correctable. It's just a matter of us figuring out how long we want it to take before we decide if we want to be a good team, or if we want to be a team that plays the game without purpose."

[DIGITAL EFFECT] REPORTER: You have 10 goals allowed in two games. How do you tighten up?

- Well, you start playing. That's it right now. Let's quit playing shitty hockey and let's start playing real hockey. So, it's correctable, and it's just a matter of us figuring out how long we want it to take before we decide if we want to be a good team or if we want to be a team that plays the game without purpose on, and as far as doing the little things and the things it takes to win hockey games.

REPORTER: There are lot of counterattacks got you. What did you see there?

- Well, we have, we have no concern right now as far as turning pucks over. And you know, everything right now is, let's go try to score a goal. And we're more concerned about that than we are about making sure we don't give up one. And then obviously against a team like this, we just got sucked right into the game that they wanted to play tonight.

REPORTER: Mike, later in overtime, obviously got it back,

- Well, I mean probably pump it down low. The guy got on him pretty quick. If, we looked at it again, we're hoping that he had a chance to shoot it. I don't know if he did or not. But that's the one play there. Obviously, there were a lot of those tonight. That was three on three, that can happen easily. Again, being aware of what's behind you and making sure that you're not losing pucks in areas.

I thought that there was a lot of other things throughout the course of the game that shouldn't even gone to that point though. And so again, for me, it's mindset. And we'll use the week this week properly then to make sure that we've get our mindset proper here, to make sure that we start playing the right way.

REPORTER: To, you know, it's hockey, but to lose two leads at home has got to be tough.

- It's brutal, yeah. Like I said, this is not winning hockey that we're playing right now. So you know, this is, we can try to analyze or figure out whatever the reasons are. Maybe we just think that we're good. Maybe with more competition guys are thinking that if they go out and score a little bit more, then that'll put them ahead of the game.

Really, the way that you're going to get ahead of the game, is make winning plays. And when it comes to ice time, that's how it's going to be doled out. And if a guy's you know, going to do things that helps us win hockey games, and that could be keeping the puck out of the net, obviously that could be on offense too, then he's going to get more opportunity. If somebody is hurting us, then he's going to start to lose opportunity. That's just the nature of the game.

REPORTER: Mike, are these mistakes, are they coming [INAUDIBLE] of the ice equally?

- Yeah, oh, I mean, you look at the turnovers we had, they're all over the ice, yes. And then again, for me it's easily corrected, but it's how you prepare and it's the mindset you have going into the game, and what you take pride in. And not enough pride in the little things, in like I said, making winning hockey plays. And so we have to fix that.

We also have to get much harder. They have to get much harder on the puck. But way too much around our net. You know, we can't allow these secondary opportunities. You know, we're not helping Jake at all. He is making saves and the next thing you know, there's a secondary opportunity going. in. We've got to be harder, we've got to be stronger, and we've got to be more determined there.