Miles Mikolas: ‘I knew that in the desert they’re wearing cowboy hats’

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Mikolas says the St. Louis Cardinals' series win over the Diamondbacks was a big one: "I think it's huge. This is a first-place team — they're a great ball club. We got 'em coming off a tough series against the Giants, and now we've got to go right into San Francisco and face them."

- City slickers.


I'm in the-- that's the south. I'm southern.

INTERVIEWER 1: That was another solid outing from--

- Yeah. Even with the roof closed, you know, you're just so dry out here, and you know, trying to find a way to-- to get some tact and get some grip on the ball. Some of the pitches kind of slipping early-- I was able to kind of figure it out later on in the game.

INTERVIEWER 2: What do you do to to-- What do you mean by "figure it out"?

- Little more rousing, try to rub that ball up a little bit. You know, maybe some sweat, little bit of moisture. That rosin helps it-- helps it get a little tackier.

INTERVIEWER 1: Are you going to be out in the--

- Yeah. I mean, he's great out there. It's a nice, big outfield. He's got-- he's got room to run and make those catches. So, as soon as the guy hit it, I saw-- I saw Pham going back. I knew he had it.

You get a good sense watching BP, and kind of hearing the ball off guy's bat, and then, you know, hearing it off the hitter's bat, and kind of knowing where I'm going with that pitch. Like, I know that I'm going to get in there. So, you see him swing on a ball in, and you know, you see it up in the air, but you know, it sounds good, but not great. And I mean, real big park out there in center field. You got to really kind of click one to get it out there. So, I knew Pham had room.

INTERVIEWER 3: In some ways, you saw the offense. You were part of the offense. You saw it get opportunity, get opportunity. Do you feel in some way that you're kind of like, OK, hold time, bide time, and the runs will be there?

- I mean, you got-- you know, you got, you know, kind of like they were against me, you know? I was getting out of jams, and you know, both pitchers were kind of getting out of jams. You know, just kind of waiting for who was kind of going to break there, you know? And they got a few off me that one inning, and you know, we kept putting the bat on the ball, so I had a good feeling that we were going to score.

INTERVIEWER 4: You guys had struggled at home. You come here and you win two out of three. How important was that heading into the second half of the season?

- I think it's huge. I mean, you know, this is the first place team. They're a great ball club, you know? We got them coming off a tough series against the Giants, and you know, now we got to go right into San Francisco and kind of face them. So, it's good to get those wins against these guys going into, you know, another long road trip. And then, you know, Chicago, and then back home. So, it's important.

INTERVIEWER 2: You guys showed a lot of resilience and character both offensively and pitching.

- Yeah. I mean, we've been-- we've been in, you know, in almost every game this season, you know? Right down to the wire, and you know, sometimes it's a little-- too little, too late. But when we get out there and we can jump on a pitcher, and we can get those runs early, we're a great ball club.

INTERVIEWER 2: Did you see Hirano in Japan by any chance?

- I remember seeing him once or twice. We don't play a whole lot of inter league there, but I do remember seeing him a few times.

INTERVIEWER 4: How about when he seems to hit the ball?

- I mean, he's got a great split. But a lot of guys over there have those great splits. I know he was their closer. I want to say we did well against that team. He may have only pitched once. I can't remember.

INTERVIEWER 1: Do you have a themed outfit for San Francisco?

- No. This is my outfit for San Francisco right now. I didn't really know-- I'm not big on San Francisco attire. But I knew that in the desert, they're wearing cowboy hats, so. But I'll try to get something good for some of these. I mean, we got some long road trips. Miami's a big road trip for everybody. That's a time for guys to show out. I'm looking-- I heard, too, he's got a great outfit for Miami planned, so I'm really looking forward to seeing that.