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DANNY YATES: I'd been to the semis the last three years and lost. So when I got there, my expectations were to be very competitive and have a chance to win.

The whole goal at first for me was to get through the stroke play. That's all I wanted. The important thing is to get in the match play, and then it's a brand new game.

I'd had a tough time with my putting. And finally, I got in a little routine, and it worked out. And then it really carried me through the match play.

Buddy and I had known each other since college. And I was playing well, and I missed a short putt on 10 to really have him 4 or 5 down.

And I'll never forget, he said, you're feeling sorry for me. I said, not today, Pal.

The next day was a lot of pressure, and I didn't start off well. When I got back into that routine, just kind of pulled everything together, just, I guess, out of desperation on a few things. But that back nine was good to me.

The thought of having a gold medal, what that means, and I didn't have one. And all of a sudden, I won the championship.

I said, that's it. That's not all I want, but that's mine. And there's a big difference between first and second.