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[MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS PAGEL: I'm here on the 14th hole at Pebble Beach. And this tree next to me, well, it might have thinned out over the last few years, but it's still recognizable by many. Now, you might ask yourself, why is this tree famous? Well, in the 1992 US Open, Nick Faldo, he climbed this tree to try and find and identify his golf ball.

ANNOUNCER: He's going up in a tree.


THOMAS PAGEL: Playing his third shot, Nick pushed his ball just a little bit right of the green. No one saw it, but a few people thought maybe it ended up in the tree. So rather than play under stroke and distance, what did he do? He climbed the tree to try and shake it to see if he could get his ball to fall down. If he could find his ball, now, for a one stroke penalty, he's able to take an unplayable ball and drop the ball somewhere here under the tree rather than going back under stroke and distance. So just remember, if you can find and identify your golf ball, you now have more options under the unplayable ball rule.

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