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ANNOUNCER 1: Good afternoon from the Golf Club of Tennessee and the 118th plane of the US women's amateur. And Kristin Gillman for birdie to win the hole.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good look at her stroke there, and good read there as that Putt breaks in at the last minute.

MAN: Ball four, Gillman three. Gillman is two up.

ANNOUNCER 3: Think how you're hitting the ball, how do you feel? If I was playing match play, I'd make sure this is left of the hole. See, perfect. Left of the hole. Perfect. She's easy to coach. I can see why Metcalf has his job.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, just hit it there. You did it with putts like that. Curls that one in for birdie.

MAN: Gillman two. Gillman is three up.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, she likes to hit a little draw, so this should be, as Ned would say, Ned Michaels, green light.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, you can see her. For amateur golfers that slice the ball, you look at her set up. She's got her shoulders closed at address.


Another dart. Original USGA championship trophy as we head to the eighth. Gilman four up in her match.

ANNOUNCER 3: This is first time we've seen this whole. It's a beautiful par three. One of the five par threes out here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Just use his caddy. She says Dad, you're not fit enough to caddy for me at 36 hole. Kris Dunn, the local caddy on the bag for Gillman, and that one just snuck through a hole in the tree.


ANNOUNCER 1: Sure did.

ANNOUNCER 3: I think she pushed that a little further right than she wanted, but when things are going well--

ANNOUNCER 1: Gillman is six under this, for round of seven under, and a big time win.

ANNOUNCER 3: Seven under after 14.