Report: Marshals dispute Tiger’s claim

Remember the little he-said/he-said battle between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia on Saturday at TPC Sawgrass?

Well, get ready to add two more he-saids to that mix.

Two course marshals are disputing Tiger’s assertion that he had been told at the time that Garcia had already taken his shot when he pulled a 5-wood from his bag and sent the gallery into a tizzy.

At the time, Garcia was in the middle of his backswing, and during a later rain delay, he vented in an NBC interview.

“It’s very simple. You have to pay attention to what’s going on because the other guy is hitting. You do something when you’re in the crowd, and the crowd is going to respond,” said Garcia.

Tiger, who heard Garcia’s comments shortly after, insisted he had done nothing wrong.

“The marshals, they told me he already hit, so I pulled a club and was getting ready to play my shot,” Woods said. “And then I hear his comments afterwards. Not real surprising that he’s complaining about something.”

Ah, the marshals. They didn’t say anything at the time, but according to a Sports Illustrated report, they were talking on Sunday — and telling a very different story.

“He didn’t ask us nothing, and we didn’t say nothing. We’re told not to talk to the players,” said one marshal, Gary Anderson, according to the report.

His boss, John North — an admitted Tiger fan, said he was five feet away during Woods’ shot.

“Nothing was said to us and we certainly said nothing to him. I was disappointed to hear him make those remarks. We’re there to help the players and enhance the experience of the fans. He was saying what was good for him. It lacked character,” said North.

Whatever happened, North still got to watch one of his favorite players go on to win.

And we all got to watch Garcia go on to an epic meltdown.