Tiger’s niece masters iconic trick

Several years ago, Nike released a commercial featuring Tiger Woods juggling a golf ball on the face of a wedge and then smacking the ball out of the air and down the center of a fairway.

It was one of the coolest golf commercials — or commercials, period — to ever grace a television, and it inspired legions of would-be pros to try (and fail) to accomplish the same feat in the backyard or at the local muni.

Woods isn’t the only golfer who has the skill and hand-eye coordination to juggle a ball, though. In fact, he’s not even the only golfer in his family who can do it.

On Monday, Woods’ niece, Cheyenne Woods, took to Instagram to show that she’s learned a thing or two from Tiger over the years:

Cheyenne’s father is Earl Dennison Woods Jr., Tiger’s half-brother. She was first introduced to the sport by her grandfather and Tiger’s father, Earl Woods. A pro golfer herself, Cheyenne graduated from Wake Forest as a two-time All-American before joining the family business. She’s yet to reach the level of her top-ranked uncle, or even the LPGA ranks at all — she finished second in Stage 1 of Q-school in August and tied for 56th at Stage 2 in October, qualifying her for the final stage in December.

But she’s sure better at this trick than you are, and I’d go as far as to say she gives Tiger a run for his money. Here is the original — who do you think does it better?