Kevin Cash breaks down Game 2 win over Yankees

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Tampa Bay Rays manager has good things to say about his player after the Game 2 win over the Yankees.

- Our bats offset, so we're really good. I mean, we didn't have anything to show for it in the first inning. But we barreled them a bunch of baseballs. And that gave us a little bit of momentum going in.

And we loaded the bases no outs. And G-man comes up and hits a rocket that Didi makes a nice play on. And then I thought KK's hit was probably the big one for us that separated and made sure we got more than one out of that beginning. So that was good.

And a lot of other guys followed suit. It was nice to see Brandon Lowe get his first hit RBI and then follow with another one. And then Mallex continues to stay on the tier.

REPORTER: Keeping the Yankees to just one run in Yankee stadium's pretty tough. Who were you most pleased with on the mound?

- I thought everybody did a really nice job. It was good to see Yarbrough get in there and be efficient, pick his tempo back up where we saw him when he's good at early on in the year. And from that point, well, Jake Faria did a nice job also of working through navigating. I know he had some walks in there, but he made some pitches when he needed to.

REPORTER: We talk about the speed and the flash and dash. Was it kind of a big boy home run, wasn't it?

- Yeah, I told him that. This was a second deck. I mean, anytime you go second deck in any ballpark, it's a big boy home run.

But Mallex has done a lot of good things. It's been fun to watch him kind of continue to make progress. And I think we all were very confident in the thought that he was going to hit. The way he's hitting right now and the bats he's having, I mean, he's getting his hits. But he's having a lot of solid at bats and not missing pitches.

REPORTER: Kevin, you guys hit one four out of 6. Just how important is this time of the year just keep those clips kind of together and stay above 500?

- Yeah, I mean, look, we talked about it last year. We said 500 is not our goal by any stretch of the imagination. But you've got to somehow get over that hump and find ways to win.

And I think it's we talked about coming into this ballpark for these guys and a lot of the young guys in here to find a way to win and do it and nothing is easy. But to have a fairly clean game where there were some separation does wonders in the clubhouse.

REPORTER: And how big was that replay overturn for you guys?

- I mean, yeah, it was big. Chaz-- I kind of challenged Chaz there not pitching in the big leagues for quite some time. But just so much confidence in him to come in and attack those guys like he did.

And you wouldn't-- I'm glad we got the play. It was a great play by Duff. But it's nice to have Chaz back and making pitches.

REPORTER: Have you talked with Pham at all?

- I've just got off the phone with him. He's good. He had a good night.

I think he had three hits. We plan to activate him tomorrow. And we'll have a corresponding move later.

REPORTER: I know people, different people have different value on wins. But Yarbrough has 11 right now. And I know he's held enough down season, but that's got to say something, doesn't it?

- Yeah, it definitely does. I mean, look, we can nit pick and say he's had an up or down season. I think in all fairness, if you look at the body work that he's done as a as a rookie pitcher, he's been with us I think basically the whole season. One option, or one time he was sent down.

He's been tremendous, so that's kind of the message that we try to give him and some of these other young guys. For him to carry basically a four, sub four all year long speaks about how good of a season he's having and will continue to have. It was nice to see that he's made some adjustments because he did a little bit of a patch there were two outings in a row where pitch kind of got really high. But it's nice to see him bounce back and do a good job in Toronto and a really good job today.

REPORTER: So the 11 does mean something.

- Wins are wins. Yes, they mean a lot.