Texas Tech tops Texas 27-23 to become bowl eligible

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Texas Tech picked off Sam Ehlinger twice in the 4th quarter to beat Texas 27-23 to become bowl eligible.

COMMENTATOR: First and 10, ball at the 28. Young remains the set back in motion to the top of your screen. That's a quick slant. Right over the middle. That's Armanti Foreman. Look at him go!


COMMENTATOR: Touchdown, Texas!


Out of the shotgun.


COMMENTATOR: Play fake. Touchdown. Well done by Carter. That one will count.

COMMENTATOR: It's irrefutable video evidence.


COMMENTATOR: And the left-hander slings it! It's picked off. It's Kris Boyd, his old high school teammate. Time to take it all the way back, and he's down inside the 10.


After the turnover, Ehlinger remains the quarterback. Young, Young, touchdown!


Tucked into the backfield now. Helping out with protection for the left-hander as he looks long. That's for Vasher.

COMMENTATOR: Wow, what a--

COMMENTATOR: I think he got it!

COMMENTATOR: What a great catch.

COMMENTATOR: Got it! Hands of Velcro. Hands of Velcro. Inside the 40 yard line of Texas.

COMMENTATOR: That's why they have him out there. With his 6'6" frame, Vasher can go up and pluck that one out of bounds.


COMMENTATOR: That's exactly what Eric Moore said. We move those guys out to Z and X, respectively. Cantrell opposite of him to take advantage of their lithe.

COMMENTATOR: That's exactly what young McLane Carter needed.

COMMENTATOR: That'll boast your confidence right there, man. Shimonek pumped for the corner. It is caught. It is Vasher. It is touchdown.

COMMENTATOR: There's a flag late.

COMMENTATOR: Third down, a long 2 here. Young the setback. He got close there to the line of scrimmage. This is pressure here all the way. This could be your ball game right here. One more first down-- over the middle, it's intercepted! Picked off! That is Justus Parker. He may go the distance. Taken out at the 16 yard line by Ehlinger.


I think he probably wanted to see if they would take a look. They did not. Lofting it for the corner.


COMMENTATOR: Touchdown! Batson! Texas Tech takes the lead. Wow!

COMMENTATOR: It's going to get interesting.

COMMENTATOR: Plenty of time again for Ehlinger. Flag's down. That pass is picked off at the 20-yard line.


COMMENTATOR: And it is number 25, Douglas Coleman III. Now, depending upon what that is, and it's thown in an area where it could be holding.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, I think it's going to be holding.

COMMENTATOR: If it's holding, then they'll--

COMMENTATOR: That will be a big interception, and an opportunity for Texas Tech to salt it away.


- Holding, offense, number 55. Penalty's declined. Results in the play interception.

- You made a quarterback switch late in the third quarter. You told me this is a possibility at half time, grounding Shimonek. How much did that fire up the team?

- You know, Nic-- that was the hardest conversation I've ever made in coaching this week, to tell Nic I felt like we needed some quarterback run games, some mobility. But he came up to me, he said, "Coach, I'm ready." And that was all I needed to hear. We put him in, and I couldn't be prouder of him. He's had a great season, and a win like that, it's unbelievable for him.

HOLLY SONDERS: And with this win tonight, you become Bowl eligible.

- Right.

HOLLY SONDERS: How proud are you of your guys for battling back tonight?

- Yeah, these seniors, that's what we wanted for them. It's been a tough year. Lots of ups and downs. Had some balls not bounce our way, but they never quit. They fought for us.