No. 22 Stanford hangs on to win the Big Game over rival Cal

Bryce Love runs for 101 yards and a touchdown in Stanford's 17-14 win over Cal.

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COMMENTATOR 1: Second down and 8. More pressure coming. This time Costello evades it. Into the end zone, touchdown. His roommate, Kaden Smith.


--and see why. He'll go up and get it for you. Here's Love with room. Bryce Love takes off. Touchdown Stanford. From 57 yards. It was only a matter of time.

COMMENTATOR 2: All game long, Cal's been able to set the edge and not allow Bryce Love to get to the outside. But watch how he ends up breaking contain. And they basically allow him to do what he does best. And that's once he gets in the open field, use his speed. He's got a lot of it. He's a bio major on schedule to be a doctor. Well, Doctor Love just made his 16th house call of the season.

COMMENTATOR 1: Nice. You've been thinking about that one all week, haven't you? Nice block by Daniel Marx to help spring it.

On Second down against pressure. It's Laird trying to guess. And he stays on his feet. There goes Patrick Laird. He is out of bounds at the 1. They come right downhill. Patrick Laird finishes it off. Touchdown Golden Bears. He deserved it. After getting them to the door step, he steps through.

A lot of times teams will have one call that they love on the play script for these situations any given week. They swing Laird out. Bowers has it. Part open. This is a 3-point game. That's the call they knew they liked. They went to it.

They roll them on first down here. Steps into one. It's a deep ball and a coverage, and picked off. Ben Edwards steps in front of it. And a big run back. Ill-advised throw from Ross Bowers into double coverage. And the junior from Jacksonville returns at 30 yards. He turns and hands off. The Scarlet has got a first down. Big boy football. And they handed it to Scarlet. It went over the top.

- What was key to persevering tonight?

- You know, it was mental toughness. Mental and emotional toughness. These Cal Bears came out fighting. Justin Wilcox did a great job preparing his football team. We knew it was going to be close. No matter what anybody says about point differential. It's a big game. They've been doing a lot of good things recently on both sides of the ball. We just had to fight to the end.

- What went through your head on the decision to go for it on fourth down?

- There was no decision. There's no decision. We're in plus territory. Fourth and 1. We worked so hard [INAUDIBLE] our goal line. Mike Bloomgren does a phenomenal job getting our guys ready. There is no question. We're going to go for it.

- 100 yards and change for Bryce Love. Obviously he was in a lot of pain there at the end of the game. What do you think his future looks like? And just think about his toughness, the grit he's shown in this game.

- I think the young man is amazing. He just fights through it. He went as long as he could. He really got banged up early in the game, as you saw. He came back out. But he could still get up on his toes. And he wanted to go. So, you know, second half, he breaks the long run, which is unbelievable for-- in the pain that he was in. He couldn't finish the game. But we'll see what he's like next week.

REPORTER: Best of luck, Coach. Enjoy this one.

DAVID SHAW: Thank you.

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