Creighton’s Khyri Thomas talks with Nick Bahe about what makes him a lock down defender

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Creighton's Khyri Thomas talks with Nick Bahe about the traits that allow him to be a lock down defender.


ANNOUNCER: There's the steal. Thomas. Khyri gets it done.

ANNOUNCER: One of the great defenders in the country.

- Tell me about your game defensively. What do you think makes it so hard for your opponent to score on you?

- Really just stand by them and nagging them a little bit. Not as far as touching, but just let him know I'm always there.

ANNOUNCER: Khyri Thomas, one of the most versatile defenders, players, in the country.

- His work ethic, his length, his anticipation skills make him special defensively, and he's not afraid of the challenge. And I think that's part of it. That defensively is your mindset, like this guy's not going to score on me and Khyri certainly embraced that.

- I've never seen someone so smart. He sits back, and picks, and his times where he knows he's going to reach and steal it, and he just knows how to lock in and stay in front of you.

ANNOUNCER: Last year's co-defensive player of the year for the Big East. He's looking to try to get that award solo this year.

- Do you feel like being the reigning Big East co-defensive player of the year, like that's your trophy until someone comes and takes it from you?

- Well I would like that to happen. I would want it by myself this year.

- No co?

- No co, no co. I will want it by myself.

- (SINGING) 'Cause I go hard.

NICK BAHE: All right, Khyri. You went to Fork Union Military Academy out of high school. What do you remember about your time there?

- My time at Fork Union was very, very strict-- no cell phones. You probably got to talk on the phone for like an hour a day, and you had to do a lot of marching. It was a very strict military school, so it was hard, very disciplined.

- (SINGING) But that's just the way it is. That's just the way it is.

NICK BAHE: Did you know he spent a year at a military academy?

- I didn't know, actually, until I got here throughout the summer. And it kind of make sense, just how he acts and how he carries himself.

- He's really disciplined in a lot of the small things, especially when he came in as a freshman. He had a lot of the small things like being on time all the time.

- You know, I think Khyri's decision to go to the Military Academy was a good one for him because it changed who he was as a person. And while I think he dreaded it at times when he was there, I think he recognizes now that that was a pretty important year in his life, and one that he was able to develop, and grow, and mature as a person.

- What was the prevailing thing that you learned at Fork Union that helped you when you came back home to Creighton?

- Just maturing. Really maturing at a young age, which helped me transition here in Creighton.

- (SINGING) So don't knock me down when I get deeper on the ground.

NICK BAHE: Give me some team goals you've maybe set for this group.

- The first one team goal is play defense like me. Second goal is everybody do their part well. I feel like everybody that's on the team is on the team for a reason, so I feel like you just have to do your job well when you get in the game.