UCLA survives late push from Oregon State

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UCLA survives late push from Oregon State 75-68. The Bruins get standout performances from Aaron Holiday and Thomas Welsh in the win. UCLA improves to 18-8 overall.

ANNOUNCER 1: A breakout type season this year for Aaron Holiday.

ANNOUNCER 2: In league play, Rob, he is averaging 20 point per game. So he has stepped it up.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wilkes, nice drive through the paint. Big difference in athleticism. Advantage, the Bruins in that one. It was a huge focus of Coach Alford's shoot around earlier today. Ali on the break, sends it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: A terrific look up the floor by Aaron Holiday again.

ANNOUNCER 1: The Bruins content to run again. And they have got numbers. And they have an alley-oop.

ANNOUNCER 2: Defense creating offense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tinkle the left. A little unorthodox, but he's found some continu-- Lost his footing but able to dish it to Eubanks from his backside.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tinkle is so alert, that--

ANNOUNCER 1: Moxie the savvy.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tracy Murray, had a chance to catch up with them. Jerome Moiso and his family as well. Good start by the Beavers.

ANNOUNCER 1: You were inundated with fan requests at the break. Wilkes fakes the three. Oh, rejected. Eubanks has had a couple massive blocks tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: Get the feed organized. Get your power base. Then maybe you can get fouled, still take that shot. Or fan the ball back out to an open teammate.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hollins gets that one to go. One-point game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Way to cover your base, buddy. But here's the tortoise. It's the old fable. Just takes his time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Do you like the tortoise at the next level.


ANNOUNCER 1: Do you like him at the NBA though?

ANNOUNCER 2: Give it to the tortoise. Skilled, deliberate. To exploit match ups they see. Good cut in the out-of-bounds play. Great down defensively by UCLA as Thompson, with the finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ali with a body blow to Oregon State. Tinkle takes a TO.

ANNOUNCER 2: Zone. Oregon State trying to attack through the interior. There's the catch for Tinkle.

ANNOUNCER 1: Thompson, Jr. Big triple.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good execution.

ANNOUNCER 1: Holiday, huge.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good ball screen against the zone.

ANNOUNCER 1: His second three-balls. Two of six from three. And then gets the turn over. Three v. two break. Ali takes the ball and gets it to roll.

ANNOUNCER 2: See your teammates miss some. And the opposite is true. You see it go through the net some, and then you play with more confidence.

ANNOUNCER 1: Thompson, money three-ball. Quick timeout, Beavers.

ANNOUNCER 2: Coach Tinkle going to talk it over, set his defense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Holiday with 10 on the shot clock. Eubanks might have gotten some of that. At a minimum, he altered it. Here come the Beavers. Hollins has it. And one.

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again, Hollins delivering.

ANNOUNCER 1: Steal. That's all she wrote. Hands. No bucket, Las Vegas. No bucket. 75-68. Your final.