Jim Jackson breaks down his Top 5 post players in college basketball

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Jim Jackson ranks the 5 best post players in College Basketball

- All right, to the touch screen we go. Today, we're going to hit the post players, the bigs, top five post players.

- Can you believe we're talking about post players in today's game where we're all we want to talk about is three point shooters [INAUDIBLE] but I'm going to the big man because there's been a resurgence.

- Number five.

- Number five, we're gonna start at Mo Bamba right here in Texas. Now, prototypical-- he's probably not the scoring big man that we're accustomed to. But what he can do is block shots.

He alters the way teams play. When they come inside the lane, they're peaking. They're trying to see where his Bomba's at.

And what he's able to do with block shots, keep it in play. And now Texas can get out and run. Now he is a capable scorer down low. I think his offensive game will come around. But his best attribute, my man, is blocking shots.

- All right, if the category was best double double men in the nation, no brainer-- Angel Delgado. But he's still going to make your post players.

- Eh.

- Right?

- Eh.

- Eh.

- Angel-- Angel.

- Angel. Angel.

- Delgado. But here's the thing-- I love his intensity. I mean, the way he plays the game, the way he embodies-- I'm going after each and every rebound.

It's mine. I don't care if it's my teammate's, it's the coach. I don't care who it is.

He gives this Seton Hall team energy, and he's improved his scoring over the course of his four years at Seton Hall. So this is a guy that cherishes the fact that I'm a lead the country in double doubles. That's what I love about him.

- And again, later tonight, Seton Hall at Creighton, outside outside chance he could become the biggies all time leading rebounder tonight. If not, it's just days away. Number three, is this where my boy Luke May gets the call?

- Well, he's down close.

- OK.

- I wanna talk a little versatility.

- All right.

- I'm a go to the team up north for me.

HOST: Well done, keep those loyalties.

- Mo Wagner. I mean, [INAUDIBLE] against Michigan State. And what John [INAUDIBLE] has been able to do with this young man over his last four games-- 18 to 7, that's what he's averaged. Put him in the middle of a court, and now the opposing center can't guard.

He can beat you off the dribble, step back, shoot, and have a little dirt and whiskey like one legged shot inside. You don't pick and pop. And he has confidence.

He has a dog in him. I love his versatility. If I was a point guard, I'd love to play with him. How you gonna guard? Pick and pop.

- Right, number two, we going to the desert?

- We going to the desert baby. Shoulders like Michael Cage. Now some of you might not realize who Michael Cage was. That's old school NBA.

- That's what YouTube's for.

- But leading scorer in the Pac 12.

HOST: Does have the shoulders. You're right.

JIM JACKSON: He does have the shoulders, come on! 20 and 11. Now here's a great combination because he's an excellent defender. He can guard the pick your roll.

He blocks shots, but he's a capable scorer. So he's a guy you can trust to get it to him on the block. And he's gonna finish.

He's just scratching his potential on how good he could be in particular on the next level, Rob. I think he can step out, knock down that 15 foot jump shot. But he's a great outlet. When you're not shooting the ball well, give it to him down low. Gonna make some shot.

- We got Jesse Govan in Georgetown next.

- Excellent season.

- First number one, Villanova. I'm just looking at the four that are left.

- Right.

- I'm feeling like my guy Luke May may not make the cut at number one.

- He may not [INAUDIBLE] Jock Landale, very good.

HOST: Yep.

JIM JACKSON: St. Mary's-- I mean, very good. But come on, man.

- I know. We all knew where this was going.

- Mr. Versatility, Mr. Verse-- what-- how do you want it? You want it inside?

You want it outside? You want it off the dribble? You want pick and pop?

You want game winners? What do you want to do? I mean, that's Marvin Bagley, psychic. He can give it to you all.

HOST: How do you want it, though? If you want it--

JIM JACKSON: I like 23 and 14 leading the ACC because now, how do you guard him? Do you double team? OK, well, I'm a beat you over the top with a pass.

If I'm playing one on one, defense, I'm a beat you again because now you can't stop me. Long, rangey, he has a mental mindset where the maturity is there. And what can't he do on the basketball court?

- Is the number one in the NBA's eyes as well, you think?

- Yeah, but I think Trey Young is changing a lot of that. Now it depends on who gets the first pick and what you need. That's what it's all about right now in today's league.

How about the big man making a resurgence? I love it. Jackson 5, baby.

- Luke May, you still got a chance to get in there.

- We got you.

- --only halfway through there. Jim Jackson!

- Keep balling, look. Keep balling.

- Five best post players.