Bill Raftery thinks better days are on the horizon for Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown Hoyas

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Bill Raftery talks about Patrick Ewing's young Georgetown team and why fans should be optimistic.

- Raff, let's start with the home team, Georgetown. 12 and 5, 2 and 4 in conference play. What gives you, my friend, the belief that better days are ahead for this program?

- I like what I've seen. And the reason I say that-- I was fortunate enough to come down a couple of weeks ago and watch a practice and watch exactly the hands on, the fingerprints of Patrick. And I'm amazed-- this is not a sight at all. He's just embraced coaching.

We know his 14 or 15 years as a coach, he knows every quick hitter. He knows how to get shots easily. He's frustrated a little about young people making turnovers, or not rebounding out of their area, things that, I think, every college coach is concerned about. But he really is enjoying it.

Tonight we had an opportunity to talk to him. He's talking about next year's recruiting, where he's been going. He loves the kids he has signed.

So all of these things-- you know, what amazes me about this league, Georgetown has not been Georgetown, St. Johns has not been St. John's, and certainly DePaul is not back in the old Coach Meyer days, but the league has survived and been successful. So it would be terrific for all of those teams, obviously, to get better, but I really think Patrick is going to be a keeper. He's going to be good for the league.

He's demanding, he's tough, no baloney kind of a thing, matter of fact. And tonight I think we met the two most relaxed coaches I've ever seen before a game. And of course, Steady Eddie in the one hand in the [INAUDIBLE] locker room, and, of course, Patrick.

- Let's go a little big picture right now, and the love fest for Trey Young tempered a little bit last night. He had that conference record, 12 turnovers in a Sooners loss. Does that impact people's thought process on just giving him the national player of the year award?

- You know, you can't evaluate anybody on one broadcast or we'd be out of work, right? I think it's how you play during the course of the year, and certainly, come your conference tournament time. And you know, there's so many things that could happen. That kid is as enjoyable for me to watch.

Pistol Pete comes to mind. He's exciting. I know there are turnovers and people get offended by them and coaches want to make sure you clear that up, but great players do make mistakes, because they're always trying to make a play. Just to jump into another one, [INAUDIBLE] nobody's even talking about him, either, the job he's done at Ohio State. So I just think it's going to be the long run as to who keeps going, who keep rebounding and how well their team does.

- Tremendous Pistol Peter reference. Always good to sneak that into the show, my friend.