Trae Young scores 43 points, powers the No. 9 Oklahoma Sooners past the No. 16 TCU Horned Frogs, 102-97

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Trae Young matched his career-high 43 points to power the No. 9 Oklahoma Sooners past the No. 16 TCU Horned Frogs, 102-97.

- Of all the amazing statistics, just at the free throw line for season average, Trae Young would be in the top 25.

Only on the Oklahoma record books, but on the NCAA record book.

- Manek goes to the bench. Young stays in the game, and that is Hamdy left in the game. Young pulling up from loco range! Yes he can. Gets it back.

- That's a lot of contact.

- Oh! Finally, Jamuni McNeace! Can we track eighth chance points?

- He's not taking that up tight.

- Alex Robinson, the steal. Bane running with him, and a transition--

- About this one called team. They can take a punch.

- Oh, yeah. Young. Ah, he keeps punching. Was gonna play in the first game against TCU, but had to miss the game because of concussion protocol. And-1.

- Jamie Dixon wants him to take a 3 when it's open. I'm not sure he wants him looking for one in transition.

- And what is not open?

- Oh, that's backcourt.

- Robinson, the steal. To Williams. What a rejection! Khadeem Lattin!

- Throw the ball back out, make a positive aggressive move to the rim. Young, like that.

- Back to Lattin on the roll.


- Has never been done with points, assists, and rebounds.

- Nice cut from Noi. Just another point to further emphasize how much of a grind the Big 12 has been. Young does it again.

- 10 turnovers.

- Robinson almost got another one. The pull up. Yes! Yes! For the third most in Sooners history. Young, step back. Drops it!

- Trae Young ties his career high. 43 points in this game.