No. 13 Seton Hall outmuscles Georgetown

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Led by Myles Powell's and Desi Rodriguez' 19 points a piece, the No. 13 Seton Hall Pirates flex some muscle to down the Georgetown Hoyas, 74-61.

--led the Hoyas to three NCAA national title games, 84 four national championships--

--here. Here come the Hoyas. First one for Seton Hall. Derrickson. Long 3. Got it!

- That was smooth. Derrickson stepped right into it. I'm not--

- --more than any team in the conference. But they're protecting the basketball thus far. Rodriguez. The 3. Got it.

Once again, I always thought that offense ends at Govan and that's why. Johnson cut. Got an easy bucket.

- Understood exactly what--

- Myles Cale, the freshman. Pull-up. Nice little, ah--

- --with [INAUDIBLE] standing's now 2. And the crowd has gotten into it here in Newark. The 3 by Govan and he banks it home. Let me tell you something, it's only one o'clock. The banks are open on Saturday.

--had jumpers on. Carrington. Wide open is Rodriguez. First lead of the day for the Pirates.

Malmuth knocks down the 3.

- And that was quite a contest by Carrington.

- Certainly not his strength. Here's Rodriguez. Cross-over. Left hand. Yes!

- How long was his--

- Two minutes until the half. Stolen again by Powell He's got three of them, already. Lays it up and in!

He gets the double from Powell. Derrickson. Turns. Left hand. Jumped. Hooked. Got it.

- Methodical. Continued to use his body--

--for Sanogo, I should say.

- He's now in double figures. Derrickson is, with 10. Delgado, again. The touch.

- Touched it all off the-- the quick pass. Quick movement by Carrington. Quick release.

- Johnson has it stolen by Powell. He lays it in. Myles Powell now has 15.

- Powell had some hang time on that layup. He was up in the air--

- Blair shoots the 3. Freshman.

- He--

- The 3. Short. Dickerson. Twisting and kisses it off the glass.

- Man, he is fast

--and make the right play but making sure you execute. Powell. Drives. Lays it in. And 1.

- Powell cuts--

- Rodriguez with one. The floater. Got the roll.

- That's just composure. From the senior.

- Now won 14 team straight home victories. And the freshman, Jordan Walker hits the 3.

- --at the end of the game, ladies and gentlemen, for a final score, Seton Hall 74, Georgetown 61.

- Thank you, Brian. Myles, we got to chat with you before the game. You said you guys were coming ready but tell me what changed in that first half, when you were able to create so much offense out of a defensive [INAUDIBLE]?

- Coach sat me down and he told me that he needed me to play harder and play with intensity. He said that I'm the fuel to the fire and he needed me to keep-- to get going. So I sat down. I got a little break, got some water came back and did what I had to do.

- What's it been like for you because you were a sophomore playing with these three seniors who have been so experienced and so productive for this team? How have found a way to fit and understand the role that you need to bring on each and every day?

- My seniors have so much confidence in me. So it's kind of hard for me to lack confidence on the court. I know I have no time to play around. This is their last year here. I want to send them out on a good note for everything that they did for the school. So I decided to do my role on the floor.

- With this Georgetown team, they came in and you understood that they had such a dominant frontcourt. But how did you come in with a mentality of exploiting their backcourt finding areas against this team in ways that you guys could be effective?

- Coach said that we had to get it on the defensive end first. We got on the defense end. We pushed the floor and then it opened it up for everybody. [INAUDIBLE] got going. Then we got the ball in to Andrew. He got it going a little bit. He got his double double, again. So when everybody's flowing it's kind of hard to beat us. So that's what we try to do.

- During the game they honored the 1992-93 Seton Hall team and of course, former head coach PJ Carlesimo. And we understand that he was at practice with you guys yesterday. What was his message to you?

- Just to play hard and not the Big East a big conference and everybody wants to play in March. And don't-- don't wait till March to start playing. He said it's the games now. So we just took that message. We came in today and played hard and we got the job done.

- Thanks so much for your time, Myles. Congratulations [INAUDIBLE].

- All right. Thank you.