Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown Hoyas defeat Chris Mullin and St. John’s 69-66

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Georgetown overcomes a rough shooting night to beat St. John's 69-66

ANNOUNCER 1: And just the joy he has at being back on campus and really trying to get this program back to where it was when he was playing. There's a dipsy-doo.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice reverse layup by Shamorie Ponds.

Clark shoots 47% from 3. Good steal by Ponds.

ANNOUNCER 1: What we're seeing-- some speed in the open floor. Wow.

ANNOUNCER 2: Layup by Clark.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, nobody got in the way there. That big wide body put the fear in them.

ANNOUNCER 2: Fourth turnover.

ANNOUNCER 1: --that 2-3. They're back to man.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here's the drive. Count the basket.

ANNOUNCER 1: Another one.

ANNOUNCER 2: Another block by Owens.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about that kid?

ANNOUNCER 2: He was wide open, and he chose not to take it. That's confidence.

ANNOUNCER 1: Or lack of.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yup. Ponds-- the kick out to Trimble.

ANNOUNCER 1: There you go.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he knocks down-- the freshman does.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's what they want from him.

A lot of empty trips here. You gotta be solid.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ponds lays it up and in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, without a center on the floor, you can see how much damage he can do.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here's Trimble. Good pull-up.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got it. That's what they want from him.

ANNOUNCER 2: Largest lead for the Red Storm.

It's Mulmore to Govan. That's off. Here comes Ponds. Up to Owens. Now, he lays it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, nice job avoiding the charge as well.

ANNOUNCER 2: Red Storm-- the only team in the Big East to yet win a conference game. That 3, and the bounce is good for Jagan Mosley.

ANNOUNCER 1: The local guy deserves a break.

ANNOUNCER 2: To Govan. Missed. Jahvon Blair. That 3 is good.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, nice little kick-out pass by Mosley. But once again, that offensive glass been pretty good for the Hoyas.

ANNOUNCER 2: Five. Inside to Derrickson. Turns-- shot blocked from behind by Simon.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, nice read coming from the top to help out. They know they're small, undersized. You got to contribute.

ANNOUNCER 2: Someone please take the lids off the hoop here in the Garden. It is-- Simon--

ANNOUNCER 1: There you go.

ANNOUNCER 2: --finally.

ANNOUNCER 1: A little blow-by, but nobody home. And really, I don't recall a lot of bad shots. Do you?


ANNOUNCER 1: I mean, a lot of open ones.


ANNOUNCER 1: --a lot in terms of depth for either team. That's part of the difficulty. So young guys on the floor quite a bit. There you go.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trimble.

ANNOUNCER 1: And maybe, they found something again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. He's got 9. He is perfect from 3.

Here's the kick out to Derrickson. Top of the key-- yes, sir, for that 3.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice find. Great dribble drive. And the big fella living large.


ANNOUNCER 1: That was the first time they've run that-- empty side.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Ponds-- how about that shot?

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, he almost comes up with a steal, too. Looks like he's gimpy coming out of that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, a little gimp. He's got 16.

Let's see what they do here in the last three minutes.

ANNOUNCER 1: I gotta give Govan a touch at some point.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here he is from the high post. Got it! Count the foul

ANNOUNCER 1: You gotta know it's coming if you're guarding him.

Boy, that was sloppy.

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] Simon. Stolen. Dunked home by Jagan Mosely. 13 for Mosely.

2-point lead, under a minute.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ooh, little slippage.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep. Simon drives, lays it in. We're tied.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, just a simple backpedal cost him.

Talk about stronger-- got his legs crossed. It wasn't really an ankle-breaking move. But once again, that lift without a center. They've been able to get to the rim. Frequently don't finish, but Simon with a beautiful cross, uses that rim to protect.

Oh, goodness.



ANNOUNCER 2: The cold-blooded 3!

ANNOUNCER 1: By Jessie!

ANNOUNCER 2: Ponds will bring it up--


ANNOUNCER 2: --down 3. Airball. Rebound. And time runs out on the Red Storm. And the Hoyas walk away with their second conference win. The Red Storm still winless in the Big East.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tough. Chris looking for a foul at the end there. I think they played it pretty good.