Patrick Ewing sits down with Bill Raftery ahead of Georgetown’s meeting with St. John’s

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Patrick Ewing sits down with Bill Raftery to talk about the challenges of coaching in the Big East.

- Hey! You know what? I don't think he needs his credential back there. That would be Patrick Ewing. A long time Knick great, current coach of the Georgetown Hoyas. Back of the guard to take on St. Johns here tonight. And look, Patrick Ewing's list of career achievements is a long one, right? National champion, 11 time NBA all-star, Hall of Famer. You get the idea. Clearly progress on the court often came quickly for him. But the same can't be said of his journey to a head coaching job. After 15 years as an NBA assistant, Ewing finally getting his first shot here. And Bill Raftery caught up with a new Hoya in charge.

- So I'm honored to introduce Patrick Ewing. Coach, welcome home.

- It's got to go through your mind. You see other guys that get opportunities. Was it something that in the back of your head said I want my shot, and I deserve my shot?

- I've been working at this for a lot of years. And while I was working, all I could do was just make sure that whenever I was given my opportunity that I was ready.

I don't worry about my coaching ability. You know, I think that I played for a lot of great coaches. And I worked with a lot of great coaches. So I think that a lot of the things that I've picked up over the years will help me to be a very good coach here at Georgetown.

- Number 33, Patrick Ewing.

- Send it in Patrick.

- (SINGING) Take me back home where the [INAUDIBLE] my soul. I can't describe it.

- There he is. Patrick Ewing. What a play. They're on their way to the title.

- You're as synonomous as anybody with the Big East. And there's another guy up in New York that played a little bit during your era.

- Right. And we have developed a great friendship over the years. So, you know, I called him and asked him his opinion of college basketball. And you know, he gave me some great advice. And you know, here I am.

- Had to be a thrill, though, your first win, to have an assorted group there. Dikembe, Alonzo, Michael. Would be gratifying, I would think.

- Oh yeah. You know, Michael is the one who got me into coaching. You know, when I decided to retire from playing, he and I was talking. Told him I was going to retire. And he was running the Wizards at the time. And he was like, why don't you come and try coaching?

- Did the way he treated you on the basketball floor, he should do that, right?

- [INAUDIBLE] run in the paint! And come in with the Thunder!

- When you look at these players, and you know how hard you worked, do you try and light the match or you try and push the envelope, whatever, to try and get them somewhat up to that level?

- You know, I don't try to get them to my level. I just try to get the most out of them that I can. You know, they all-- everyone wants to get to the NBA. And none of them really knows what it takes to get there. So it's my job to get the most out of their talent that I can get.

- At the Hilltop, where college basketball is looking to take back center stage.

- Georgetown, as it was with you, now. Getting it where it once was. Is that your goal? Or one of your ambitions?

- We have a rich tradition. But it's my goal and my staff's goal to win. That day come for us, our legacy will be close to Coach Thompson's.