Texas Tech handles Kansas State 74-58

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No. 18 Texas Tech defeats Kansas State at home 74-58. The Red Raiders Improve to 14-1 overall and 2-0 in conference play. Keenan Evans led all scorers with 27 points.

- --by Niem Stevenson. But then Kansas State messes up the inbounds pass to Norense Odiase. That's a guy you don't see on a run out after a turnover very often, but big man finishes.

- Bruce Weber's Kansas State Wildcats won and one. Quick Brandone Francis long 3 good.

- Yeah. That'll work right there.

- Niem Stevenson with the steal. It's three on three. Culver thought about it for a moment, but finds Zach underneath. Wow.

- And John, that's almost even better.

- Off that bench, here's Cam Stokes, found a lane dished the ball off to Xavier Sneed. And his shot blocked by Odiase.

- He got a lot of ball right there.

- And then Jarrett Culver with the finish on the other end.

- He's got all of their points off the bench on those two three-pointers. A minute and a half to go in this first half. Red Raiders, 36 to 19. Keenan Evans, good. Wow.

- That's a tough spot right there.

- Here's Keenan Evans. We are under one minute to go in this first half. Texas Tech by eight. And Keenan Evans just laid out and puts that ball up and in.

Bread and butter just like we talked about. Xavier Sneed in the corner, passed up the three, turned it over instead. Here's Keenan Evans again, layup for the Red Raiders.

- Boy, that's a nice adjustment right there by Keenan.

- Yeah, relentless is a great way to put it. That's just motor.

- Niem Stevenson's shoe has come off. And he's got one shoe. And I think Chris [INAUDIBLE] probably telling him four to one, which is the saying around the program.

- Texas Tech did not let Kansas State close down the gap and get in front. They'll lead, start to finish, for three straight big 12 games. Chris Beard gets the Red Raiders to 14 and 1, now 3 and 0 in the conference, Kansas State 11 and 4, 1 and 2 in big 12 play as the Red Raiders win 74-58 here at the United Supermarket's Arena.