Iowa State coach tries some dance moves after win over North Carolina

It’s not a prerequisite to know how to dance to be a successful NCAA basketball coach.

CBS commentators gave Hoiberg some credit saying "You’re the mayor, you can do that" and "He’s staying within himself, notice he’s not taking too many risks here." Take a look and a listen.

And here’s a closer view:

Hoiberg’s players didn’t seem to mind the rudimentary moves. They’ll celebrate the win any way they want.

Although, Hoiberg’s son Jack might have been a little embarassed.

He also texted his daughter to apologize for the peformance.

And in case you were wondering, Iowa State is all about fun. Check out the locker room antics after the game.

Notice the white board in the corner? Look again.

Iowa State will bring the fun against UConn in the Sweet Sixteen in New York City on March 28.

Take a look at the team’s plan on the white board.