Miller: ‘I didn’t give us a chance’

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Diamondbacks pitcher Shelby Miller discusses his rough outing against the Giants, a 7-0 Arizona loss.

- Not good. I mean really other than the third inning, I felt pretty good for a majority of the game. It just kind of lost a little bit of [INAUDIBLE] there.

REPORTER: As far as stuff, what did you feel was working for you and what do you think you still want to work on?

- Well, I started throwing [INAUDIBLE] a lot more today. I thought that was a good pitch for us early on. And we used it a lot later in the fourth and fifth. And we got some guys out inside to lefties with it, which ended up being a good pitch for us, but kind of just really the thing you got to hang on your hat was the third inning just kind of killed us. Lost a little bit of momentum there because we almost scored right there in the first or second. But other than that-- other than-- if I took away the third-- if I go back and make better it'd probably be a different result.

REPORTER: You're obviously a competitor so when you're coming back from a major injury like this and surgery and the whole rehab process, I know you want to go out there and get the team wins, however can you take small victories from your last couple outings? What do you hang your hat on and what are you pleased with that you can build on the next outing?

- I mean I know it's my second start back in the big leagues, but at the same time, I've been rehab starts and going through all these things that are preparing me for this moment. So being healthy going into it and all that's fine. And those are positives, coming out of there healthy. But I feel like I'm past that point. And right now, we're getting close to the all-star break and we're playing division teams that are right behind us trying to get first place away from us. And I'm going out there and not pitching well. So that's more what I'm upset about. I'm not really focused on the little positives that I can take from coming back from a major surgery, which is a pretty big deal. But at the same time, it's getting at that point in the season where we get to win ball games and every single one that we can. And I didn't give us a chance to do that tonight.

REPORTER: When you get final four outs to the guys you faced, is that something you feel good about?

- I mean I guess. I mean any time you get an out is good. But overall, just kind of disappointed with my performance. I think that it can only get better from here. But I haven't been pitching well these past first two games.