Super Bowl commercials: Second quarter

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Riveted by the Steelers' thrilling comeback? Heartbroken by the Cardinals' late lead slipping away? Then we won't begrudge you missing a few of the Super Bowl commercials. In fact, we'll help you out. Go back and watch any commercial you missed, as we list the 10 best ads, 10 worst ads, and provide you with a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of all the commercials. Don't forget to vote!

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GoDaddy: Danica Shower

JC: GoDaddy gave us a nice look in to every guy's dorm room. I mean, how many college boys wouldn't want to see a hot race car driver taking a shower? Although we have to wonder what was wrong with that dorm room. It was way too clean to belong to three 18-year-old boys.

Doritos: Lucky Day

JM: This one catches the attention of the intended demographic quickly, when a bite of the Doritos magically removes the clothing of a stunning woman. It works to make money pour out of an ATM as well. But when the dude runs out of chips, he runs out of magic, and gets hit by a bus. Not bad. The opera music didn't really work here, though.

Budweiser: Horse love

Zachary Pierce: It's not easy to have a beer commercial that doesn't show any beer consumption ... so kudos to you, Budweiser. A love-lorn Clydesdale chases after his sweetheart Daisy, the World-Famous Dancing Horse. The two run off into the sunset together, presumably to get blasted at the local saloon.

Castrol: Monkeys

AT: The guy wearing the air filter (nice touch) tries Castrol Edge and the "grease monkeys" make him their king. Makes sense to us. Nothing says motor oil like simian primates.

Budweiser: Clydesdale plays fetch

AT: Is there a more reliable ad fanchise than the Budwesier Clydesdales? Here the firehouse Dalmation gets a reward for fetching a stick, so the Clydesdale does him one better with a tree branch. What? No elephant bringing back a whole tree?

Pedigree: Adoption

JC: Pedigree did a great job by bringing home their message of pet adoption without hitting us over the head with a bunch of cute puppies and kitties. And sure, a rhino is cute, but having one mess up your apartment is a great reason to get a dog instead.

Pepsi Max: I'm good

JM: According to this spot, men can take anything, except the taste of diet cola. Guess they haven't seen the trophy case of cans on my desk. There's an electrical shock bit here that makes for a fun visual. Otherwise, not much to speak of. Nervous car buyer

AT: Not quite sure what the point is of setting a serious tone to an ad that's supposed to be farcical. Child prodigy "David Abernathy" can accomplish almost anything effortlessly — except buying a car. The ad-makers had a similar problem with the script for this one.

Gatorade: What G means

JC: I think this is the first time Gatorade actually put their name on these G ads, so at least they had that going for them. Other than that, it seemed to be a bit of a mess. Is Jimmie Johnson saying he's motivated by Gatorade? And what's up with MTV-made dancing Jabberwockees talking about what motivates them alongside, you know, real athletes? Hey Gatorade, maybe you should have gone for less art house and more making an ad that makes sense.

E-Trade: Babies

JM: This kid is making a serious run at Family Guy's Stewie Griffin as our favorite baby on TV. We'd adopt him if we could. Short of that, we'll just call this the latest in a series of memorable pieces to this campaign, with our wide-eyed star picking up a partner. Clever banter ensues. Give whoever came up with this concept a raise.

Bud Light: Skier

AT: Drinkability is like a skier gracefully gliding down the hill. Other beers (presumably those "undrinkable" ones) are like a spectacular accident. Know what? So was this Bud Light ad.

Hyundai: Global Domination

JC: We've seen plenty of the same car ads, but Hyundai made us actually pay attention — sort of. It was interesting, it made us pause, but in the end, it was a car commercial. At least there was more than just the typical product shots.

H&R Block: Death

JM: This one's pretty scary, kids. A Grim Reaper character arrives at the office of his tax man to tell the poor guy that he missed a few deductions. Death and taxes ... get it? Seems a long way to go to tell people that the advertiser will give your tax return a second look and try to save you money. Not feeling it.

Cheetos: The Birds

AT: We've always loved Chester Cheetah, who according to our calculations is 22 years old (that's 107 in snack-food years). And we especially love him unleashing a flock of pigeons on some witch complaining about being on "the ugly side of town." Box of Flowers

ZF: OK, who had competing for best Super Bowl ad? If you're raising your hand, you are what we call "a liar." But this ad really came through, punctuated by the hilarious line, "No one wants to see you naked." Classic flower insult.

Commercials: 10 best | 10 worst | First quarter | Second | Third | Fourth editors Zack Faigen, Jim McCurdie, Jenny Cohen, Al Tays and Zack Pierce provided running commentary on the $3 million-per-30-second commercials.

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