HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Can Carter produce?

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Clark Judge

  • The Miami acquired the former Minnesota wide receiver after was lost for the season, and now one member of HBO's Inside the NFL actually is Inside the NFL. Miami is desperate for help, and, on the surface, this looks like a shrewd move. But is it? I asked for your opinion, and you replied. Now read all about it.
    It's hard to tell at this point. is a bust, no matter which way you slice it. Now, if Cris could pull the old 1-2 on Dan (Marino) the way Dan did to him in the studio, and get Dan to give it a try, then watch out.
    —Dave C., Milford, Mich.
    left the game at the top of his game, and if Fiedler or a capable NFL quarterback (Dan, are you listening from the booth?) played for the his impact would be huge and would give the a top-tier pro to go along with budding stars and . However, the way I see it is this: if Lucas remains the quarterback for any prolonged period of time, Carter will regret coming out of retirement because no one except Jesus Christ himself could salvage the with Lucas at the helm. And if his performance on Sunday was any indication, Miami may not even make the playoffs if Fiedler is gone 6-8 weeks. It is sad because it was beginning to look as though Miami had a real chance of ending its Super Bowl drought. As J.J. would say, "How 'bout them ?" I guess only time will tell.
    —Mark M., Mass.
    The guy showed his true colors in the off-season when he thought Cleveland was going to pay him $8 million for two years ... only to find out he was wrong. This after he said, "The money is not a motivating factor anymore. I want to win a championship." I'm definitely not a ' fan; I'm an ' fan. But I thought he stiffed the . There were a lot of fans who wanted him signed, but why? The guy turns 37 next month. He has no speed left. And when people say, "Well, is 40 and look what he's doing," they're insulting the intelligence of real football fans. He'll bring nothing but trouble to the . And how are he and going to play together?
    —Bob R., London, England (but originally from Philadelphia)
    I can see having a big impact on the team, but probably not as big as some might think. He will undoubtedly help improve their red zone offense a lot. He will be the go-to guy on third down, and his presence will help the running game. But I don't expect him to just go into the Miami system and take over a game the way he did in Minnesota two or three years ago. And he won't do much if a quarterback can't throw it to him.
    —Colin R., Edmonton, Alberta
    will do one thing: make plays. He comes back for the ball, he leaps and he has a step that all Hall of Famers do; the hidden step that turns a 36-year-old guy who can run a 4.7 40 into someone who can beat anyone deep. In watching the Miami-Buffalo game last weekend, I saw throw to average backups. raises the bar. If you have a Carter or or or , your other guys start to play better ... not just because they learn from greatness but because they don't want to disappoint a guy who's proved it every down. The will need people who make plays because Lucas is rusty and wide receivers are as much a part of the catch as the quarterback. Last weekend the ' wide receivers didn't make the tough catch, come back against their routes, make anything spectacular or bail out an ugly throw. ought to be able to teach that and enforce it by doing it and telling these guys how to play the game and how to make plays by not just running routes but doing the next thing that converts an average player to a good one — which is making the extra effort to turn a bad play into a good one. My bet is that Miami plays better in two weeks after its bye. I'm just glad they already played the .
    —Rich Q., Albany, N.Y. Clark Judge can be reached at his e-mail address,
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