FOX NFL Sunday hosts special from Afghanistan

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Today FOX Sports broadcast a two-hour special FOX NFL Sunday from an undisclosed military installation in Afghanistan. The team of Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson and Jay Glazer performed the special just three days before Veterans Day as a tribute to the dedication of America's service men and women.
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"Our men and women in the military put themselves in harm's way to protect everything we hold dear, and none more so than those who are stationed in the Middle East," FOX Sports Chairman David Hill said. "It is our privilege and honor to take FOX NFL Sunday to them in November, right before Veterans Day. Amidst the fun and football, it's our hope to showcase the dedication of these men and women who have to defend against a lot more than the wildcat." FOX Sports produced the special in conjunction with Armed Forces Entertainment, the lead Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas. "Armed Forces Entertainment brings our men and women in uniform serving overseas a piece of home — to give them support during deployment," said Armed Forces Entertainment Chief and Air Force Col. Edward Shock. "And during football season, there's no better slice of Americana to bring to our troops overseas than the guys on FOX NFL Sunday. It's going to be one heck of an event and we salute FOX for their dedication and support of the U.S. military." This is not the first time FOX NFL Sunday will have originated from a military setting. In December 2000, FOX NFL Sunday broadcast two shows from the flight deck of the USS Harry S. Truman, then on patrol in the Mediterranean Sea.

Prior to their departure to the Middle East, Bradshaw, Long, Johnson and Strahan expressed their excitement over this momentous trip: Terry: "We did a show a few years ago aboard the USS Harry S. Truman and it was the most incredible experience. To be there with our men and women of the military, the Navy and Secretary of Defense William Cohen was absolutely incredible. The viewers loved it, we loved and we're inspired just by being there." Howie: "You wish every American could get the opportunity to be around these brave young men and women. They are extraordinary. It was a trip of a lifetime, as I'm sure this will be." Jimmy: "It will be great for us just to say, 'Hey, we appreciate what you do for our country.' Just anything we can do to say thank you." Michael: "My dad is a retired Major in the Army, so I grew up on the base. I remember when I was 13 years old, Herschel Walker came. That was the biggest, most inspiring thing. Hopefully by us going to Afghanistan, we can give a little hope but I think it's going to be better for us. We're going to get the most out of this trip." FOX Sports Chairman David Hill: "Our men and women in the military put themselves in harm's way to protect everything we hold dear, and none more so than those who are stationed in the Middle East. It is our privilege and honor to take FOX NFL SUNDAY to them in November, right before Veterans Day. Amidst the fun and football, it's our hope to showcase the dedication of these men and women who have to defend against a lot more than the wildcat."

During this week's edition of 'Fired Up,' Glazer, Johnson, Strahan, Long and Bradshaw offered their thoughts to the servicemen and women of the military on what their experience this week in Afghanistan has meant to them. Jay: "Everywhere we went this week, we saw such incredible sacrifices from you guys, the troops. Make no mistake about it America, the bad guys are still out there and they're gunning for us. Back home, we feel so safe. We feel safe because of you people who sacrifice your lives for us, sacrifice your families, some of which you only get to see for 15 days a year. This week I met a young man who is recovering from the fourth time he has been hit by a bomb and he's trying to get back out their in the field. I said, 'Why?' He said, 'My brother to my right and my brother to my left. I have to get back out there for them.' For your sacrifice, we will thank you forever." Jimmy: "Your attitude is amazing. A group of soldiers came in on the second day and wanted autographs. They were so upbeat and so positive. I got to talking to them and they hadn't had any sleep in two days because they were on a mission in Kandahar. I said, ¿'Why don't you go to bed and get some sleep?' They said, 'We don't have a bed, but I have a sleeping bag. I'm fine, coach.' You think back to the States and a lot of people are saying, 'Poor me,' complaining about the economy, one thing or another. If they want an attitude change, come half way around the world and see you guys!" Strahan: "I've had a chance to hear about how you dodge bullets everyday and nothing really makes you nervous. I sat with the guys from the bomb squad they're telling me how if you haven't dealt with things blowing up three or four times, you haven't really been out in the field. It is something that is hard for me and all of us to put our heads around — that kind of commitment and that kind of sacrifice for other people. I want everyone to understand that you don't just do it for the U.S.A., but you do it for every country. That sacrifice and that love you have for yourself and every other country is something you can't help but admire. You can't but love it. We love you guys." Howie: "The first morning we were here, we had the privilege of getting a briefing from General Scott Barini and his staff about the mission here in Afghanistan, and how important that mission is. His eyes really lit up when he was talking about this generation of men and women who are serving here in Afghanistan and around the world. There are those fools around the world who would question the ability of this group of men and women to rise to the occasion like the so many previous generations in America. When you think of all that we ask of the men and women in our military, all the sacrifice they make; theire family, the courage they show, you can make an argument as the General did, that this generation of men and women standing in this room and serving around the world are our country's greatest generation." Menefee: "While we sit back in America and watch newscasts that are filled with pop culture references, you've got to remember that we are in war on two fronts and halfway around the world someone's mother or father or brother or sister or son or daughter is in harm's way. We should all send out hope that someday soon all of these men and women will be back on American soil safe and sound." Terry: "The thing that pushes everyone in this room today is about when you are going home and it's about seeing your family. It's about family. When you look up here, you see a FOX family and that means we love and care about one another. This is the FOX family and you are our military family. The bottom line is that it's all about love. We love you. We care about you and we appreciate you."

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