CROUCH CHRONICLES: Visiting with Rams, Chiefs

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Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch will share his thoughts with senior writer David Moore of FOX from now until the NFL draft on April 20-21. Scouts are split on whether he's best suited to play quarterback, receiver, running back or defensive back in the NFL. The fourth installment deals with his trip to St. Louis on Thursday, his workout and interview with Kansas City this past weekend and a quick trip to New York to judge a slam dunk contest. Thursday is going to be a busy day. I'm going to go to the Children's Hospital first thing in the morning to visit someone before surgery. I have my radio show at 8:30 (a.m.), then, I'm headed off to St. Louis to meet with the coaching staff at 11 o'clock. I believe one of the managers is going to show up when I get there and take me to the facility. I'm scheduled to meet with them for a few hours, have lunch and talk about a few things. I haven't been given a time frame after that, but I know I'm not staying the night. I should be back home about 10:30. It will be really quick. I got to look at a lot of what St. Louis did on offense because I live in the midwest and they showed their games on Sunday. The way they throw the ball, the way they get it to the receivers and running back, the diversity ... they are very creative. It would be very interesting to be part of an offense like that because you would be in a lot of different positions. Initially, I think they want to look at me as a receiver. Coach (Ken) Zampese (wide receivers) and I talked quite a bit at the scouting combine. It was more personal. It was really nice and was a great conversation. But when he talked about ways to get me implemented in the offense, it was as a receiver. I know they've lost a receiver, but I did see where Ricky Proehl re-signed with them. The Chiefs are also very creative and run the same offense. I met with Kansas City on Saturday of last week. Al Saunders, the offensive coordinator, came to Lincoln and watched me throw and run routes. We had lunch afterwards. I would say I spent about two hours with him. He had me do the basic stuff, the three-, five- and seven-step drops. I threw deep routes so he could check out my arm strength. He had me read some hot routes. After that, he had me run receiver routes to see how I came out of my breaks. Basically, he wanted to see the cuts that I had. I also did some two-deep routes. He said in Kansas City there was not a guy in my position, a utility guy to play quarterback or wide receiver. He looked at me as a quarterback mostly and a receiver second. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I felt really strongly that a team would be making a bad decision it they completely took me out of the quarterback position. I think they would try me at quarterback to see how I look. They have Trent Green at the moment, but two or three years from now, that could be great for me. He thought I threw the ball well and whatever he asked me to do, I responded to quickly. He thought I was very coachable, which he really liked. Whatever I'm asked to do is going to be a new offense or scheme. I pick that up quickly. I think that's something he looked at quite a bit. I flew out to New York on Monday to be one of the celebrity judges for the slam dunk contest of the McDonald's High School All American Classic. It was only my second trip to New York. It was really relaxing more than anything. I got a chance to meet Walt Frazier, Jerry Rice, Teresa Witherspoon and Jason Collins, a rookie with the New Jersey Nets. The slam dunk contest started at 4 o'clock at King of Christ High School in Queens. There were a lot of people there. It was pretty exciting. What was really amazing to me was that these were high school guys, and they looked like they had already come out of college and were ready for the NBA. They were big, athletic, with a lot of talent. We all talked about how they blew our minds. We were just so impressed. My girlfriend Nicole's uncle works for Coca-Cola in Atlanta. They help sponsor the event. It was his idea that I be a judge. She mentioned it to me, I got back in touch with her uncle and we set it up from there. It was something different, such a prestigious event. I got to meet a few people I wouldn't meet otherwise in a different forum, like Jerry Rice and Walt Frazier. I know some people have a certain impression about athletes, but those guys are both very down to Earth and very personable. They are easy to talk to and are nice people. They all were. Jerry Rice really didn't have any advice for me. He just said good luck. When we got into the car, I talked to Jerry Jr., his son, who is either eight or nine years old. He asked me about baseball and stuff. The best dunk I saw was in warm-ups from Amare Stoudemire (Orlando). It was unbelievable. I can't even describe it. There were some others, too. I thought those were the best. Once the competition started, I think there was a little anxiety. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to pull out all the stops.
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