CHICKS ON FOOTBALL: Week 13 spankings

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All week we have been gushing over all of the fabulous football fellas who have kept our fires burning all season long. After all, it is Thanksgiving and it is time to count our blessings. But now that we have given our thanks, it is time for us to dole out the spanks! Several of our gridiron boys have been up to no good this holiday weekend, and once again we will be diligent and kick some butt before the problems get totally out of hand. Arizona : They say there is no such thing as a "sure thing" in the NFL. But when men want to go on a scoring frenzy, they know who to call to satisfy their desires — the Kansas City ! Heading into this week the K.C. boys were easily last in the NFL in defense allowing 427.7 yards per game. They also topped the charts letting up 28.4 points per game. Yet the inept Arizona boys allowed themselves to be shut out for an entire afternoon and could only muster 122 yards of offense. How embarrassing! Arizona tackle claimed he would not have showed up if he knew it was going to be like that. It is odd because we do not recall seeing any of the show up! Are you sure you had the right stadium, L.J.? : What is it about Carolina that makes boys want to be naughty? Between arrests and suspensions, the certainly have had more than their share of distractions this season. It is safe to say Santa will not be visiting the Panther locker room this holiday season! This week it is running back who has found himself in our doghouse. Smith was charged with drunken and reckless driving Thursday and has been placed on paid leave for the remainder of the season. What irks us the most is that Lamar of all people should realize the danger of driving while tipsy. During his tenure with the Seattle in 1994 a similar incident with Lamar behind the wheel left his teammate Mike Frier paralyzed from the waist down. Smith's total disregard for the safety of others is downright shameful. You can bet we will treat Lamar with the same disregard for injury as we let loose on the wayward back! : Daunte has been making far too many passes at the enemy this season, and his lack of loyalty to his mates is having a damaging effect on his unit. This week Daunte allowed his opponent to pick off his attempts three times; now turned over the ball 26 times this season. We can hardly blame Daunte for being tempted to stray — his leading man Randy possesses enviable physical attributes but has a major 'tude. And his other mates leave much to be desired. But as long as he is married to the Minnesota boys he better use some discretion and watch where he unloads his gun. : Oh, sure, now he decides to play stellar football! When Stewart was on our fantasy squads he could never keep his wayward passes under control. But now that we are dying to see back on the gridiron, Kordell suddenly is playing like a super-stud. Looks like a little ride on the pine gave Kordell the motivation he needed to step up his play. If Coach Cowher tries to mess with our Tommy Boy and keep him on the bench, Coach will be the next one to get a butt whoopin'!
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