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With the NFL draft a little more than a month away, teams are starting to fine-tune their draft boards with the premier college football talent. The free-agency signing period is starting to clear up the picture a little bit, but there's still a ton of speculation. This is the first of several upcoming mock drafts from 2003 NFL mock draft, version 1.0
1. : , QB,
The might trade out of this spot not wanting to pay Palmer the huge signing bonus coming to him. In the end, they have to take the franchise quarterback.
2. Detroit : , WR,
Detroit could draft anything but a quarterback. Rogers makes the most sense to give some help. After the money paid to Dre Bly, the won't take Terrence Newman.
3. : , DT
The will probably end up trading down from this spot. Until they do, the pick will most likely be a tackle like Kennedy to strengthen the interior.
4. Chicago : , DE
If the end up getting a quarterback in the free-agent market, Suggs makes the most sense after losing . If they don't sign anyone, they'll give a hard look at .
5. Dallas : , CB
Dallas would get a steal if Newman falls this far. With in the secondary, Dallas would have a killer pass defense for the next several years.
6. : , WR Miami
After losing , the are going to need someone to help the offense.
7. : , CB
could take any defensive player here. The haven't had a lock-down corner like Trufant in many, many years.
8. Jacksonville : , QB
Do the Jags believe in for the future? If Leftwich is still here, they have to take him.
9. Carolina : , OT
With the signing of , the are no longer in the hunt for Leftwcih. They need an offensive skill player, but none are worth taking at this spot. Gross is way too good to fall any further.
10. Baltimore : , OL Iowa
Baltimore could use help on both sides of the line, along with a top receiver. While Robertson and Dwayne Joseph will be tempting, the versatility of Steinbach would be perfect for the .
11. Seattle : , DT Miami
The desperately need a pass rusher, but Penn State's Michael Haynes didn't look all that hot at the combines. Joseph would be a great fit.
12. St. Louis : , OT
The ' offensive line was a nightmare at times last year and will pray for Gross to slide. If he doesn't, Harris would be the most likely pick.
13. : , DT
Steve Spurrier might like to get some offensive help, but the defensive interior is a bigger problem. Robertson might not last this long, so could end up being the pick.
14. New England : , DT
A big-time tackle to be paired with would do wonders for the Pats. Williams is that type of talent.
15. San Diego : , DE
White's stock will move up by draft day, and he makes sense to go here. If one of the top defensive tackles slides, the could go that way.
16. City : E. J. Henderson, LB
's is a possibility, but Henderson was the better college player and could be the pick to help the ' lousy linebacking corps.
17. New Orleans : , CB
Woolfolk might need a lot of work, so or could end up being the pick.
18 New Orleans : , LB
The defense needs a ton of help, so the will take the best defensive player left on the board. Pierce would be a sensational pickup.
19. New England : , DE
Haynes might slide, but he won't go further than this. After tacking a tackle earlier, New England might beef up the defensive line with more talent.
20. Denver : , DE Miami
The need an active defensive lineman and could go with any of the ends that are left.
21. Cleveland : , DE
Butch Davis would love to get McDougle, but it's doubtful the former Hurricane will still be on the board. Kelsay would be a heck of a consolation prize.
22. New York : Johnathan Sullivan, DT
The have to get help in the middle of the defense. Sullivan is the best one on the board at this point, but is moving up the charts.
23. Atlanta : , CB
Since there isn't a top receiver worthy of this spot, the will get some help for the secondary.
24. Indianapolis : , LB
Wilson or Battle could get picked to help the secondary, but the speed and athleticism of Bailey would be too tough to pass up.
25. New York : , DT
The need a defensive tackle and Long would be the best one left. If he's gone, that'll mean someone like Sullivan or Williams will be available.
26. San Francisco : , DE The Niners need more help for the pass rush. could be the choice.
27. : , CB
To say is desperate for a top corner is an understatement.
28. : , RB
is a similar back to and could be a great fit in the backfield.
29. Green Bay : , QB
With threatening retirement every year, the need to look to the future. Boller has the arm and talent to develop until No. 4 hangs them up.
30. Philadelphia : , WR
desperately needs help. Since isn't working out, Jacobs, or another top receiver, would be a necessary pick.
31. Oakland : , S USC
Does anyone fit the hard-hitting style of the better than Polamalu? He could combine with until he gets his feet wet.
32. Oakland : , QB
might be decent prospect, but the could use another quarterback to groom under . A defensive tackle is a distinct possibility.
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