NBA Finals Game 4 blog

Are you effin’ kiddin’ me?

That’s what Dwyane Wade must have thought when he saw Tiago
Splitter guarding him at the start of Game 4. Ultimate

One pump-fake and foul later, Splitter was headed to the bench
— 47 seconds into the game — and Wade was headed to the
line and a 32-point, six-steal night. The big bounce-back by Wade
and LeBron, who had 33 points after playing “like sh*t” in Game 3,
sparked the Heat to a

109-93 win over the Spurs
Thursday night,
tying the Finals 2-2.

“He was Flash tonight,” James said, after Wade turned back the
clock with a vintage 2006 performance,

FOX Sports Florida’s Chris Tomasson writes
, despite
“playing on a bum knee” as James acknowledged.




It wasn’t just Wade and LeBron. Ray Allen was knocking down
shots, Mario Chalmers showed up, and most importantly, Chris Bosh
was contributing, though his buzzer-beating dunk at the end of the
half didn’t beat the buzzer.



But Bosh was big in the paint with 20 points, 13 boards, two
blocks and two steals, plus he protected the rim and did the things
that don’t show up in the box score.




”The death of the Big Three was overrated,” Heat owner Mickey
Arison said.

Hear from Wade and Bosh on their big games
and from

Coach Erik Spoelstra on the win

The only bad note of the night came out of Miami, where

three people were critically injured
when the outdoor
deck behind a popular sports bar collapsed, sending dozens of
patrons into the waters of Biscayne Bay.

The Spurs’ 3-point shooting (8 of 16) picked up where it left
off in Game 3, and Tony Parker looked just fine with 15 first-half
points and an acrobatic layup that almost tops his Game 1 shot. But
he was scoreless in the second half, Danny Green and Gary Neal
combined for just 23 points after going for 51 in Game 3, and Manu
Ginobili disappeared (5 points, 26 minutes).

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, asked what’s wrong with Ginobili,
replied “I don’t know. If I did, I would have fixed it.”

Hear more from Pop on the loss

Tim Duncan said: “He’s needs to be a little more aggressive, a
little more selfish.”

Hear more from Duncan on Ginobili’s struggles,
and from

Parker on his status after Game 4

Just like they have for the past five months, the Heat bounced
back from a loss with a victory. They are 12-0 after losses since
Jan. 10, outscoring opponents by 19.8 points in the previous 11




The Heat didn’t just win Game 4. They also won a social media
award for their “Harlem Shake” video.

The Spurs’ good luck charm from Game 3, El Charro De Oro, aka
Sebastien De La Cruz, the 11-year-old mariachi star, did the
national anthem again.

He even shook off all the haters.
If you didn’t see him
perform, just watch him turn it out:

And the Spurs dancers are almost making us forget the Heat

There was no question LeBron would be better. Just look at his
pregame outfit; he looks like he’s B.A. Baracus ready for war.
D-Wade, however, looks like he’s ready for a boat show.

”Honestly, I just have to play better,” James said after Game
3. ”I can’t have a performance like tonight and expect to

The cape he wore Wednesday at practice was fitting. But nothing
prepared us for the return of Wade.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.