Shannon Sharpe explains the key defensive error that cost New Orleans the game vs Minnesota

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss the defensive errors the New Orleans Saints made that resulted in Minnesota's 29-24 win.

- Shannon, what happened?

- A guy was thinking too much, Skip. That was the perfect defensive call. It's called a circus route. Earlier they had it, but Wright slipped down. Diggs ran the clear. Wright stepped on his foot and slipped. They head it earlier. I tweeted and said they're going to come back to that circus route again.

In that situation, what he's thinking, what they told him; Skip, all he has to do is tackle the guy, tackle. But he's thinking, but if I tackle him and he gets out of bounds, they're going to come on the field and kick a field goal. But you can't worry about that. Because there are so many things that have to go right. They have to get the snap off. The guy has to make the field goal. You could possibly block it.

But if you miss this tackle, he's going to hit his head on the goal post, which he did. If he's made of the right stuff, he'll be able to bounce back. But Skip, you remember, Rahim Moore, when he gave up that bomb to Joe Flacco, he was never the same player.

- No, he wasn't. I don't know what happened to him.

- He played a couple of more years, and then he was done. Because he had to play that-- it's kind of like Billy Buckner having that ball go through your legs.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's-- that's a good analogy.

- This is in lore. This is forever. And-- and this guy was a great-- he was their second-round round draft pick. Marshon Lattimore was number one, who's going to the Pro Bowl. So the Saints really hit it big with these two guys. Because they played really, really well, Skip. But what happened is that he got-- you know, he hesitated. At no point in time in the history since he's been playing football, even they ever told him to make a tackle like that. He hit exactly what he was looking at, the ground. Head down, butt up in the air. Head up, butt down; that's the way you make a tackle.

Skip, he just-- he got caught in between. Give Diggs enough-- give Diggs high-pointing the ball, staying on his feet. Because he could have been content, like, I got the ball. He could have fallen down. A lot of things could have gone. Time runs out. Put his hand down, and he took off to the races.

The defensive call was great. The execution was terrible. I thought Pat Shurmur did a great job calling Case Keenum's ball game early on, Skip. And what you see is that these guys like-- like Case Keenum, like Nick Foles or these backup quarterbacks that's not your Brady or not your Roethlisberger; Skip, the more confidence you give them, the better they're going to play. They let him get out to 7-nothing, 10, 17. And now he's really, really comfortable.

Now you've got to scratch and claw to climb your way back into the ball game. But as you saw, Skip, and that game started getting really, really close; he kind of reverted back to being the Case Keenum that we thought he would be, made a couple of mistakes. Dennis Allen started dialing up a little bit more pressure. They started getting home. But I give them credit. Because they could have lost that game. Having a 17-point lead, and all of a sudden you find yourself down 21-20 with that little amount of time that's left in the ball game, give the Minnesota Vikings a lot of credit. Because they found a way to win this ball game.

But Williams, there's no way this place should have happened, no way, if he just does his job. Get him on the ground, Skip. If he gets out of bounds and they come on the field to kick a field goal, you made the tackle. But if you don't make that tackle, you get what happened. And I feel bad for the kid.