WWE No Mercy 2016 Results: 3 Best Moments

BY foxsports • October 10, 2016

Counting down the three best moments from WWE No Mercy 2016.

WWE No Mercy 2016 turned out to be a strange evening.  Shortly before the show started it was revealed that the highly anticipated Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss SmackDown Women’s title match was nixed due to an unexplained ailment to Lynch.  Then, as if the WWE universe couldn’t be more frustrated, the show opened up with the match that had the potential of being the best bout of the night for the WWE Championship. AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, and John Cena stunningly kicked off the festivities with a barn-burner which was almost as shocking as the culmination of the surprising Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton main event.

So with the company behind the 8 ball before the show even started, could they still put on the type of show the Blue Brand is capable of doing?  In a word, yes.  Outside of some very disappointing spots, WWE No Mercy 2016 still managed to be a solid show in spite of some of the dumb booking decisions.  There was solid, compelling drama, outstanding in-ring competition, and smart story lines that have a huge future.

Ahead we count down the best three moments from No Mercy 2016.

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3. WWE Championship Match

It’s still a mind-boggling decision that this match opened the show .  This tilt had every reason to be not only the main event match, but a very good one at that.  The chemistry between all three of the main event competitors was evident as they’ve all had outstanding matches between each other throughout the last couple of months and the idea of the trio closing the show with a great match made all the sense in the world.

So the match happened and it was as good as most predicted.  All three men had superstar-like moments, the action that ensued prompted future story lines, and the WWE Championship was well represented for the SmackDown brand.  There was just one big problem: it was the opening match!

Making this match the appetizer only diminishes the title it was fought over.  And for the most part, it made zero sense to do it like that.  Ambrose, Styles, and Cena are very clearly main event type guys.  Being placed in the opener is a bit insulting.  However, the match was still outstanding.  Had it been the main event it deserved to be, it would’ve been No. 1 tonight.  But as the opening bout, it’s No. 4


2. Dolph Ziggler Saves His Career

The Dolph Ziggler/Miz feud is without question one of, if not the best story line going in the WWE right now.  Their matches are solid, their drama makes sense, and the WWE Universe is firmly invested in the compelling back and forth between the two.  Their match at Backlash in September was not only one of the best of that night but one of the better tilts of the year.

Any time a guy puts his career on the line there is a level of drama unmatched in almost any other scenario.  And that’s exactly what Ziggler did at No Mercy, putting his livelihood at risk and coming out of the battle still employed with the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder for the 5th time.  Clearly one if the highlights of Ziggler’s career.

This feud will undoubtedly continue on and rightfully so, these two are about as hot as anyone in the company.  This hatred has the heat and budding story line to last straight through to the end of the year and possibly beyond.  It’s one of those types of feuds that never permanently goes away.  From here on out, whether in the middle of a program or not, the Ziggler/Miz heat will live on for the entirety of their respective careers.

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1. Bray Wyatt Gets His Signature Win

Simply put, Bray Wyatt has been one of the most compelling  characters in the WWE for close to three years.  His in-ring work, his promos, and his utter commitment to his sociopathic persona has been one of the more interesting story lines in the WWE.  The problem?  No matter how good Wyatt has been, or how good he potentially could be, he has time and time again been defeated in almost every feud he gets involved in.  His unsuccessful ventures against John Cena, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker have made the point that the WWE does not believe in Wyatt’s future.

Or so we thought.  Wyatt’s win over Randy Orton at No Mercy, a 12-time world champion suddenly changes his mid-card status to potential World Championship aspirations.  With some assistance from the returning Luke Harper, The Eater of Worlds can now move forward with a dangerous side-kick and propel himself with this massive win.  The idea of a Wyatt vs. Styles WWE Championship feud is almost too much to compute.

No matter what direction the WWE sends Wyatt, this win undoubtedly drives Bray deeper into the world title picture than he’s ever been.  Honestly, it’s over-due.

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