UFC bonus leader Joe Lauzon shares 'grappling hacks' secrets with the world

May 12, 2016

UFC lightweight star Joe Lauzon has made a career out of shocking the world and surprising opponents. He's dominated world champions and submitted fighters who out-ranked him in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Lauzon has been able to submit and KO greats in large part because of his unorthodox and creative style. Now, the all-time UFC performance bonus leader is teaching fans that style.

With his new three-volume Ultimate Grappling Hacks video instructional, the Lauzon MMA gym owner and head coach is sharing some of his most insightful and unique technical wrinkles.

"It is a whole bunch of grappling and jiu-jitsu stuff I've acumulated over the years, the ways I do things a little different," he told FOXSports.com.


"I don't do anything the common, normal way. Everything I do is out of the box. A lot of the stuff I do, a really good jiu-jitsu guy looks at it and says, 'That's wrong.' Then, I pull it off and show that it works, that it is really effective."

Lauzon is one of the most effective submission fighters in modern MMA history with 18 of his career 25 wins coming by way of submission. He says the keys to being so successful, even against higher-ranked opponents, are small details in his execution of moves from common positions.

"It's the little adjustments that make a big difference," he said.

In addition to technical breakdowns, Lauzon delves into philosophy and mental preparation in his new digital video and DVD series.

"I'm obviously known for submissions and finishes, and I discuss the ideas behind that -- why I like to attack at certain points," he said. "This is really good for people who train jiu-jitsu but haven't done MMA and want to know how to translate their jiu-jitsu to real fight situations. Everything thinks they are a bad-ass, but it is different when there are punches involved. There are certain choices you have to make in a real fight and certain moves that will or won't work.

Given that Lauzon is still very much an active fighter (he next faces Diego Sanchez at UFC 200), one has to wonder whether he worries that he's giving future opponents too much information with these instructional videos. Turns out that Lauzon isn't sweating that risk.

"It doesn't matter," he insists. "Nothing is unstoppable. Let them all focus on that stuff. There's so much material in there, go ahead and let them try to look at all of that. In preparing for a fight, I usually focus on three or four things. Besides, if you teach someone something, you know the counter to it."