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UFC 193 Live blog recap: Holly Holm KO's Ronda Rousey
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UFC 193 Live blog recap: Holly Holm KO's Ronda Rousey

Published Nov. 14, 2015 6:13 p.m. ET

Holly Holm shocked the world Saturday night, dominating defending bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in the first round, and then knocking her out in the second. Holm kept Rousey off balance with her lateral movement and made her pay with clean shot after clean shot landed to the head.

Holm did damage with her right hook and straight left to the head repeatedly, while avoiding takedowns and landing her own. Then she finished the bout with a high kick to the neck. Read on for play-by-play from the rest of UFC 193.

Ronda Rousey (12-1) vs. Holly Holm (10-0)

Round 1


Rousey ignores Holm's fist touch offer during ref instructions. And, we're on.

Holm clips Rousey with a left hook. Rousey is stalking but not charging in. Holm moving laterally, even running away when needed.

Holm lands a straight left down the pipe, then a right hook. Rousey lands a huge left hook and big right hand.

Rousey gets ahold of Holm against the cage. Holm escapes, turns Rousey around and kicks her in the face!

Holm side-stepping with a hook. Rousey gets a takedown, Holm stays on her knees, but Rousey goes over the back and works for an arm bar.

Holm is out and rains punches down on Rousey! Rousey is up but bleeding from her mouth. 

Holm landing the oblique kick. Great movement and bobbing and weaving from Holm. 

She gets out of the clinch again, and circles away. Another left cross from Holm.

Another left cross from Holm to the chin snaps Rousey's head back! And another, and another!

Rousey is bleeding and Holm's mouth guard comes out. They replace it, the ref does, and they continue. 

Holm gets double underhooks and lifts Rousey up and slams her to the mat! She stands and they continue on the feet.

Rousey clinches her again but Holm gets out. Rousey's mouth is open.

The horn sounds and Rousey punches after it.

Round 2

Holm lands three more crosses to the head, right away, then a side kick to the face! Rousey swings and misses bad with a left hook.

She falls to one knee as Holm ducks and turns her around. Holm lands another left, makes Rousey turn and fall. 

She gets up, Holm lands a left kick to the neck that drops Rousey out cold. Holm follows up with punches on the ground and the round ends.

Official Decision: Holm wins via KO at 59 seconds of the second round.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (11-0) vs. Valerie Letourneau (8-4)

Round 1

Valerie catches a kick from Joanna and takes her down. From there, the ATT fighter works a front head lock from on top in the half guard. 

Her left arm is hooking the champ's leg, trying to prevent her from getting to her knees and feet. Joanna still works her way to her feet, though is pressed against the cage.

Valerie using a good right underhook and head position to keep the champ pressed the cage. Joanna gets free and hurts Valerie badly with a front kick to the face.

Valerie turns away. The blow clearly stunned her badly.

The challenger recovers well enough to clinch Joanna, but she's pressed against the fence, now. Joanna lands a kick to the body on separation.

Another big front kick to the face from Joanna, who's picking up the speed with punches, as the round ends.

Round 2

Great flurries of punches from both women. Valerie catches another kick from the champ, lands some right punches to the head and attempts a takedown, but doesn't get it.

Valerie catches another kick and presses the champ against the cage. Joanna angles out to her left just enough to land some great short elbows.

Valerie is quick and answering back very nicely, in combination, but Joanna's punch speed is on another level. Good jab from both fighters.

Valerie with an overhand right to the head that connects. Valerie connects with two more right punches to the head to counter low kicks.

Joanna lands a huge right hand to the head. Joanna switching her stances, briefly.

Round 3

Valerie has a mouse growing under her right eye. They trade leg kicks.

Valerie presses the champ against the cage, with an arm-and-head control. Joanna reverses positions and presses the challenger against the cage.

Valerie charges forward with punches to the head. Joanna lands a stiff front kick to the chin for the third time.

Good body kick from Valerie, lands. Joanna lands a crushing kick to the lead leg. 

Joanna tries another front kick, but this time Valerie catches it. She tries to run it through for a trip, but Joanna gets her leg back and stays on her feet.

Valerie counters a leg kick with a right overhand right. Joanna lands another leg kick. 

Good lead straight to the head lands for Valerie. Good one-two punch combo lands to the head of Joanna, for Valerie.

Good body kick lands for Valerie, and a right cross to the head for Joanna. 

Round 4

Valerie catches a kick, but Joanna lands a left hook to the head on separation. Good jab to the head by Joanna, followed by a big right hand.

Great punch combo ended with a body kick from Valerie. Valerie lands another body kick.

Another leg kick from Joanna makes Valerie hop and limp. Another good body kick lands for Valerie.

Another left two left kicks land for Valerie. And, another, off of punches to the head.

Another outside leg kick lands for Joanna, and then a right cross to the head. They trade body kicks.

Valerie lands another left kick to the body, but then eats another kick to her lead leg. Joanna lands an uppercut and then two crosses to the head to end the round.

Round 5

Joanna lands another leg kick, and then a jab to the face. Valerie lands another body kick off of her punches.

Joanna moving in and out, and laterally, much better. Valerie lands a big overhand right to the head.

Valerie counters a one-two punch combo with another cross. Valerie lands another body kick.

Joanna lands a one-two to the head, and then an inside leg kick. Push kick to the stomach and then a right cross to the head.

Joanna switches stances and then lands a rear uppercut with her left to the head. Valerie's eye hurts, the ref doesn't warn anyone for anything illegal, like an eye poke, so I guess he's just handing out time outs...

Joanna lands another leg kick, and Valerie answers with a jab to the head. They trade jabs. Great fight.

Official Decision: Judges score the fight unanimously for Joanna and still Champion, with scores of 49-46 (twice), and 50-45.

Mark Hunt (11-10-1) vs. Antonio Silva (19-8-1)

Round 1

Lots of measuring for the better part of the first two minutes, but then Hunt attacks with straight punches and a leg kick. Body kick from Hunt.

Inside leg kick from Silva who, so far, has shown no interest in closing the distance and looking for takedowns. Nasty inside leg kick from Hunt to Silva, as the Brazilian stands in the left-handed stance.

Hunt connects with a big right hand and drops Silva! The warrior Silva has been in some wars, and is going down quicker than he used to.

The blow was glancing, but to the back of the head. Silva dropped, absorbed another big shot, on the ground, and the ref called it.

Official Decision: Hunt wins by TKO at 3:41 of the first round.

Uriah Hall (13-6) vs. Robert Whittaker (16-4)

Round 1

Whittaker attacks Hall with punches right off the bat. He's lunging in, however, and so he needs to be careful not to open himself up too much to the counter-striker Hall.

A big right punch to the head from Whittaker hurts Hall. A stiff jab does the same.

Whittaker's leg kick landing as well. Hall tries for a triple flip kick of some sort, misses and ends up on his back. Whittaker working short elbows from on top, inside the half guard, with two minutes left.

Hall working hard to get to his side, and then his feet, but he gets put in side mount in the process. More elbows to the head from the Aussie.

Whittaker takes Hall's back, facing the ceiling. Hall times a turn into Whittaker and then unloads with elbows to end the round.

Round 2

Whittaker lands an inside leg kick. Hall over-extends on an overhand right and Whittaker is all over him, landing hooks and then clinching him from behind.

Whittaker pokes Hall's eyes, seemingly accidentally. Upon replay, Whittaker did not poke him with a finger — his fist was closed.

The referee messed up and looked at Hall's reaction instead of the action itself. Common but unfortunate mistake.

Action resumes and Hall stalks him. Hall lands a big kick to the head that stuns Whittaker.

Hall goes to the body with a right kick, then misses with a spinning back kick. 

Round 3

Whittaker lands another overhand to the head, Hall comes right back at him but Whittaker connects again and hurts Hall! Hall turns his back and is eating shots to the head while looking for a Kimura shoulder lock.

Whittaker pressing Hall face-first against the cage. Hall turns in and faces him. 

Hall's right eye is bugging him from the glove scratch. Hall lands a flying knee and then a front kick to the face.

Whittaker storms Hall again and Hall turns his back after a glancing left hook once more. He is facing the cage. The eye is bugging him some more. 

Hall turns and faces him and presses against the neck to get him off of him.

Official Decision: Whittaker wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.

Stefan Struve (30-8) vs. Jared Rosholt (14-2)

Round 1

Lots of measuring and feeling out, with Struve stalking the wrestler. Rosholt trying to figure out the range against his giant opponent.

A low kick attempt from Struve is caught by the four-time All-American wrestler and turned into a takedown. Rosholt passes the guard and goes into side mount.

Rosholt moves to a knee on belly position to attempt punches. Struve squirms and dislodges him. 

Rosholt dives in with his knee and slices through the guard of the Dutchman. Struve hangs on to a half guard as Rosholt holds onto the far-side arm of Struve.

Rosholt passes to side control once again, with a minute left. Struve controlling posture with his left arm and comes out the back door, trying to escape but Rosholt maintains the top position.

Round 2

Rosholt worked in for a takedown from the start. Struve shows some great takedown defense and keeps himself off the mat.

Rosholt re-shoots and scores with another takedown. Struve turns his back, stands and tries to break the grips locked around from behind but the OSU grad drags him back down.

Struve scrambles and kicks his way out of side mount but doesn't hustle up, so Rosholt gets back on top of him, in the full guard. Rosholt stands and steps over the right leg of Struve to work to half guard.

Round 3

Rosholt works for a single-leg takedown, but Struve quickly defends and gets free. Rosholt shoots for another, pressing the big man against the cage. 

Struve lands a head kick, in a glancing way. Struve follows up with a push kick.

Struve lands a left hook that stumbles Rosholt. Struve follows up with a left high knee but then Rosholt scores another takedown.

The wrestler lands in side mount. Struve gets up but stumbles after Rosholt pushes him. Still, Struve gets on top in half guard after a scramble.

Struve ends the fight landing downward elbows from on top in half guard.

Official Decision: All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Rosholt.

Jake Matthews (10-1) vs. Akbarh Arreola (23-10-1)

Round 1

Arreola lands a body kick, Matthews tries to catch it and work for a takedown but the Mexican angles out and gets free. Matthews ties him up and presses him against the cage. 

Arreola lands a very low kick, to the shin and trips Matthews. The blow knocks him down, Arreola pounces and lands a left hook that stuns the Celtic Kid.

Arreola lands a high kick that wobbles Matthews, and then two big punches to the head! Matthews falls and Arreola takes his back, face down, and looks for the rear naked choke.

Matthews defends nicely with seconds waning in the round. Matthews escapes, stands and takes top position and rains down with punches.

Round 2

Matthews lands a high kick and then a double leg takedown. Matthews in full guard. 

Matthews opens up Arreola with punches and elbows. Arreola having trouble controlling the posture of Matthews and he continues to eat big right elbows, over the top.

Matthews going over the top with punches, and when Arreola raises his guard high to defend, the Aussie goes short and inside with his punches.

Very slick, very technical ground strikes. Thirty seconds left.

Arreola looked for submissions when he had Matthews down. Matthews has looked to, and been able to, do huge damage in the same situations.

Round 3

The fight is stopped in between rounds.

Official Decision: Matthews wins by TKO stoppage in between rounds two and three.

Kyle Noke (22-7-1) vs. Peter Sobotta (15-5-1)

Round 1

Noke stalking Sobotta and landing kicks, to start. Good lead leg kick from Noke.

Sobotta takes the center of the ring and then eats a big front kick to the gut that drops him. He yells in pain, eats a barrage of punches on the ground, and the referee steps in to stop it.

Official Decision: Noke wins by TKO (body front kick and ground strikes) at 2:01 of the first round.

Anthony Perosh (15-10) vs. Gian Villante (14-6)

Round 1

Villante lands a huge overhand right that hurts Perosh, then another! Perosh steps in and lands a short right hand to the head. Villante lands another right hand, then a left hook and uppercut, to the head. Perosh is staggered, though he keeps his hands up and continuing to punch. Villante lands a push kick to the body. Perosh lands a right cross to the head but then gets clipped with another right punch to the jaw that knocks him cold and makes him fall to the ground. Official Decision: Villante wins by KO (right punch) at 2:56 of the first round.

Richie Vaculik (10-5) vs. Danny Martinez (18-7)

Round 1

Martinez grabs a kick from Vaculik and takes him down. Vaculik gets back to his feet but Martinez shoots and scores with a double leg takedown.

Vaculik uses an overhook on Martinez's left arm to control his posture and gets a stand up from the referee. Huge overhand and hooks from Martinez that mostly miss.

Eventually, Vaculik ducks under one of them and scores his own takedown. Martinez switches beautifully and takes top position with 30 seconds left.

Good left punches from Martinez against the cage, before Vaculik gets up and shoots for his own takedown. Martinez sprawls and controls with a front headlock until the horn.

Round 2

Martinez lands a big cross and Vaculik scores with his own head punches. Martinez scores another takedown.

Vaculik gets back to his feet and Martinez presses in for another. Vaculik defends again and begins to land his own punches on the feet.

They trade punches in the pocket. 

Round 3

Martinez gets right back to work and shoots and scores with a takedown.  He goes to pass to half guard. 

Vaculik does a great job of creating space and running in and getting on to his feet. Martinez sticks to him and scores another takedown.

This time Martinez works to half guard, against the cage. He peppers Vaculik with left hands. 

Vaculik tries to use the cage fence to wall walk but Martinez posts his weight down on him, grinding him and keeping him on his seat.

Eventually Vaculik gets to his feet as the round ends.

Official Decision: Martinez wins via unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, all around.

Daniel Kelly (10-1) vs. Steve Montgomery (8-4)

Round 1

Montgomery lands a couple body shots off the bat. He goes to work on the inside with knees, but also eats some good punches to the head.

Montgomery stays inside with the four-time Olympic judoka and pays for it. Kelly tosses Montgomery on his back and immediately secures the far-side arm.

Kelly scores with punches. Montgomery stands but is soon hip-tossed again.

Kelly works for a rear naked choke but the ATT fighter defends. He stays on the ground for the rest of the round, however, defending strikes and choke attempts.

Round 2

Montgomery doesn't look too much worse for the wear he sustained in round one. He immediately begins to land punches, knees and elbows on the feet.

Kelly works for a takedown from the clinch but Montgomery defends beautifully and lands more short punches and elbows. Eventually, Kelly scores a takedown, but this time Montgomery gets back to his feet after defending a D'Arce choke.

Kelly lands big left crosses to the head but Montgomery keeps his offense going as well, with quick kicks to the body and crisp short punches.

Round 3

Kelly looks for more takedowns but gets stuffed. Montgomery defends nicely and lands some solid body kicks.

Great movement from Montgomery as he stays away from the clinch. The strike count is virtually even, right now.

Montgomery lands an inside leg kick but then eats another power punch to the head. Kelly with another straight left.

Kelly gets in the clinch and looks for an inside trip, and then scores with some knees to the body. Kelly scores a takedown with a minute and a half left.

Kelly looking for a rear naked choke and then transitions to an arm bar attempt. Montgomery escapes but gets mounted and eats big punches.

Kelly works an arm-triangle with seconds running out. Montgomery escapes but Kelly sticks the mount and finishes the fight with punches, likely stealing the fight.

Official Decision: Kelly wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28, three times.

Richard Walsh (9-4) vs. Steven Kennedy (22-8)

Round 1        

Walsh comes right out, stalking Kennedy. He unloads with kick after kick to the lead left leg of Kennedy.

Walsh connects with a big right cross to the head, and Kennedy is wobbly, seemingly mostly from the leg kicks. He continues to eat more kicks to his lead leg.

Walsh lands more punches to the head, off of the leg kick. The leg is already purple from bruising.

Kennedy presses Walsh against the fence, looking for the takedown. Kennedy hits a single-leg takedown and then takes Walsh's back.

Walsh stands, with Kennedy still on his back, and then gets taken down again. Kennedy has both hooks in from behind, now.

Huge turn of events in favor of Kennedy, but with only a minute left in the round. Walsh cuts an angle with his hips to defend, but Kennedy rides him and sticks the mount.

Round 2         

Walsh begins to tee-off again, and Kennedy shoots in. He doesn't hit the takedown, and Walsh stands up.

Walsh continues to land the leg kick. Walsh is clearly better on the feet, and Kennedy is much better on the ground.

Kennedy shoots again, can't get it, tries for a reverse triangle on the ground. Walsh escapes, stands and lands great strikes from on top, while standing.

They get stood up and Kennedy scores a double leg takedown. Walsh fires elbows to the top of Kennedy's head and Kennedy works to pass.

Kennedy settles for sitting on top in full guard, and pepper with strikes. Once more, the round ends with Kennedy in a dominant position on the ground.

Round 3

Kennedy scores with a left body kick, but spends the next minute or so eating solid but occasional punches to the head. Walsh gets Kennedy to the ground, is on top, and lands knees to the body.

He's working to take the back, against the cage. Kennedy reaches behind as he stands to attempt a Kimura shoulder lock but Walsh defends and escapes.

Kennedy lands a glancing question mark kick and then right uppercut to the head. Kennedy ends up on his back again after attempting a takedown and eats punches and kicks from the standing Walsh until the referee decides to get involved and stands them up.

Soon, Kennedy is back on the mat and eats a huge right punch to the jaw from above. Walsh stays on top of Kennedy, landing great punches from the standing position.

Official Decision: Walsh wins by unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.

James Moontasri (9-3) vs. Anton Zafir (7-2)

Round 1

Zafir rushes in, looking for a takedown. Moontasri defends well, and stays on his feet.

Zafir sticks with it, in the clinch, and eventually scores the takedown. Zafir moves into half guard, on top.

Moontasri recomposes his full guard and then uses the fence to work his way back up to his feet.

Both on the ground and on the feet, Zafir is landing good short left hooks to the head. He is, however, gassed out after they separate from the clinch.

He took the fight on just 11 days' notice, so it is no wonder. Zafir lands a push kick, but then Moontasri lands a spinning back kick to the ribs with his right foot, and then immediately connects with a left spinning back fist to the face. 

Zafir drops to the floor, eats follow-up strikes on the ground, and the referee steps in to stop it.

Official Decision: Moontasri wins via TKO at 4:36 of the first round.

Ben Nguyen (14-5) vs. Ryan Benoit (8-3)

Round 1

Nguyen stuns Benoit early with a right hand and knee. He moves to the ground in top position, passes guard to the mount and then hurts Benoit more with strikes. 

Benoit gives his back up and Nguyen sticks to him and works for a rear naked choke. All this in the first minute.

Benoit fights and defends gamely but a minute and a half later, Nguyen secures the choke and forces the submission.

Official Decision: Nguyen wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:35 of the first round.


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