Stefan Struve remembers Jordan Parsons after KO victory over Antonio Silva

May 8, 2016

Dutch heavyweight Stefan Struve returned home Sunday, earned a huge KO win and put on a show for the Rotterdam crowd in the UFC Fight Night co-main event. Struve stopped former world title-challenger Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva moments into the first round.

Silva protested the referee's stoppage, but it appeared to be because he was out-cold, prior, and was confused afterwards. It didn't take Struve long to find his mark as he connected with a right elbow strike to the head on Silva as the Brazilian stormed in.

From there, Struve landed uppercut punches to the head as he was pressed backwards by Silva. Struve landed a big knee to the chest of Silva which dropped the big man.

Silva grabbed on to Struve's left leg, against the cage, but ate elbow after uncontested elbow to the temple and appeared to go out. The referee jumped in and stopped the fight, smartly.


It all took just 15 seconds.

"People thought I lost it. I didn't lose it. I'm back," Struve told his cheering home crowd, afterwards.

Before saying anything, however, Struve took moments to don a black armband with the initials of Blackzilians teammate Jordan Parsons. Parsons, a 25-year-old rising featherweight MMA pro, was tragically killed recently after being the victim of what police say was a hit-and-run accident.

"I wanted to thank Jordan for being an amazing member of our team," Struve said.

"You'll be missed ... thank you so much for letting me know you."

The loss drops Silva's record to 29-9. Struve's victory improves his mark to 27-8.