For Joanna Jedrzejczyk, fighting was love at first sight

BY Elias Cepeda • June 18, 2015

Her love for fighting fuels the 27-year-old's work ethic. Asked what her most important skill is, she explains the only "talent" worth mentioning is dedication to craft. And it is her hard work that gives confidence.

"I'm a hard worker," she said simply.

"I'm doing a great job in the gym and I feel very confident working so hard. Of course, one time you can win, one time you can lose. So, I try to keep focused on working hard to be ready for anything. Anything can happen in a fight."

What always happens in Jedrzejczyk's fights is the normally cheery fighter replaces her easy smile with an unnerving game face and death stare, aimed at her opponent.

Some fighters, the true snipers, can flip a switch when it comes time to fight. They go from relaxed, normal human beings to creatures of instinct and war, focused on the survival that can come only from the elimination of the threat in front of them. Contrast the Jedrzejczyk we see hanging out with family and friends at home, or even in the gym with teammates, with the violent fighter intent on intimidating opponents before dismantling them in the Octagon.

There is a change that happens, and the undefeated strawweight says it happens at the last minute. "It happens the day of the fight," she said.

"Then, it's time to fight. I cannot help it. I am [an] animal."

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