Floyd Mayweather reveals how much money he would offer Conor McGregor for a fight

Published Jan. 11, 2017 5:49 p.m. ET

Floyd Mayweather is very serious about fighting UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The rumored bout has been talked about for nearly a year and now Mayweather is revealing the kind of money he's willing to offer McGregor to make the fight a reality.

According to Mayweather, he's still the bigger draw so he should receive the lion's share of the profits but he still believes McGregor's payday would be more than he's ever made for a single bout in the UFC.

"We tried to make the Conor McGregor fight. They know what my number is," Mayweather told ESPN. "My number was a guaranteed $100 million, that was my number. We're the 'A' side and I don't really know how much money Conor McGregor has made. I'm pretty sure he hasn't even made $10 million in a MMA bout.

"But we are willing to give him $15 million and then we can talk about splitting the percentage, the back end percentage on pay-per-view. But of course, we're the 'A' side. How can a guy talk about $20 or $30 million if he's never made $8 or $9 million?"

Mayweather's figures are likely off when talking about how much McGregor has made in a single fight.

McGregor made $3 million in disclosed salary for his fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 in August with the pay-per-view reportedly selling around 1.5 million buys. So with the back-end profits on pay-per-view, McGregor likely raked in well over eight figures for the rematch with Diaz.

In November 2016, McGregor then fought at the historic UFC 205 card in Madison Square Garden, which pulled in a record $17 million gate for the promotion. McGregor's salary for that fight wasn't disclosed, but it's likely he earned similar figures to his previous bout against Diaz in August.

Of course, McGregor has already demanded $100 million guaranteed to make the fight with Mayweather, so it's clear the two sides are way off on the financial stakes that would be attached to the mega crossover fight between boxing and mixed martial arts.

Regardless of the accounting figures, Mayweather says he definitely wants to make the fight with McGregor, especially considering how many times he's heard the Irishman mention his name over the past year.

"I'm saying right here on this show, Conor McGregor keeps telling everybody he wants the fight — let's make it happen," Mayweather said.

Mayweather hasn't fought since 2015 when he retired with a perfect 49-0 record as the top pound-for-pound fighter in his sport. Over the past couple of years since his retirement, Mayweather's name has been attached to a few possible fights, but he says there's only one bout he's interesting taking if he's going to put the gloves back on again.

"Only thing that I'm probably interested in is the Conor McGregor fight," Mayweather said. "I'm a businessman and it makes the most business sense, I think."