Ex-UFC fighter saves man from wreck

BY foxsports • July 23, 2013

Between Jon Jones chasing down a purse-snatcher, Nick Ring coming to the aid of a couple being assaulted in Canada and Renzo Gracie live-tweeting his own attempted mugging, UFC fighters have been acting like real life super-heroes more than ever.

Enter ex-UFC fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 17 Team Sonnen member Jimmy Quinlan.

On Monday afternoon, Quinlan saved a man's life by pulling him out his demolished car after it flipped on Route 24 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Quinlan posted the insanity on his instagram account right after it all went down. 

"So this just happened right in front of me my hands and feet are bleeding from punching out his windshield to drag him out... Wish I had shoes on"

Speaking with FOX Sports, Quinlan elaborated on his heroic deed.

"There were all these little pieces of glass in my hands and my feet where I was kicking the glass out of the windshield. The guy was sideways in his truck hanging over his seatbelt full of blood, so the only way I could access his seatbelt was by smashing out the windshield and going inside the truck. Fluid was leaking out of the truck so I didn't want to waste time getting him out."

"I was on my way to training...between rolling in the gi, wrapping my hands for boxing and then drilling it doesn't look bad at all anymore, just scrapes."

"Although after drilling with Joe Lauzon for about an hour for his upcoming fight I pulled another small piece of glass out of my foot .. . I just wish I had thought to throw an MMA glove on from my car haha."

No big deal. Just casually saving lives in between training sessions.

Follow Jimmy on Twitter and Instagram, he rules.

You can also catch his friend and training partner Joe Lauzon as he fights Michael Johnson on August 17th on UFC Fight Night: Sonnen vs Shogun.

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